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Point Mugu Air Show, California

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by PEPPER PETE, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. The two day air show at Pt. Mugu (Ventura County) Calif. was a great thrill to be able to attend. There was a few thousand spectators each day and getting out of the base took me over an hour sitting in my car waiting in line. It was worth going. The U.S.A.F. Thunderbird flying team was just one of the many highlights of the show. This is just a few of the many pics. I took while I was there. I hope this is not too many pics. :smile:
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    These are the pilots of the Thunderbirds. Two women are part of the team.

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  2. Only getting the dreaded red "x"...yet when I type in the link's URL in another browser, the image appears.
  3. Sorry, the links won't open. I just getting the dreaded red X.
  4. Hi Frank and Raul, I'm not sure what the problem is. The Pics. come up when I opened this thread. I don't remember If this has happed before. I made a change to host site let me know if this fixes the problem.
  5. Nope no red x here I see the images...
    These are pretty good, a suggestion? If I may? they are a bit too bright... But then again what do I know as some members of this group think...
    :rolleyes:  :rolleyes: 
  6. Alright Pete, now I can see your photos. Nice series...my favorites are the one showing the Mustang, the Eagle and the Raptor in formation as well as the one of the F-22 showing it's bomb bay. Very cool!!! I'm envious...one of these days I'm going to have to go to one of your airshows in the States! Looks like it would be more than worth the trip!
  7. Nice pics. Cool to see some shots of the Thunderbirds instead of the Blue Angels. (Nothing against the Angels - they are great! - but I've seen a lot of very similar shots of them from different shows).
  8. Hi Eric, thanks for letting me know that the little red x is not there any longer. Thank you also for the comments.
  9. Thanks Frank, I'm glad you can now see them. You really know your Planes, most people would not know what models they are. Are you in the business of airplanes or do you fly?
  10. You're right Steve, I've seen the Blue Angels at other shows and it was great to see the Thunderbirds. Point Mugu is a Navy base and the Blue Angels are a Navy flying team but the Air Force Thunderbirds were flying at the Navy base show.
  11. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Wow excellent shots
  12. You're welcome Pete.
    How I wish I flew those planes!!! I'd gladly give up my left "you-know-what" just for a ride in one of them!!!:biggrin: The only planes I've ever flown were Cessna 172's. I've always been a plane nut...probably comes from growing up on air force bases.
  13. Hi Gale, thanks for the nice coments. If I remember right didn't you also take a picture with a bird or airplane crossing the moon?
  14. Hi again Frank, I guess your growing up on air force bases does give you a little insite to the different types of air planes. I did with a couple of other guys while I was in the Air Force up in Alaska purchased a Cessna 150 and did a little flying, but that's the extent of my flying.
  15. Great shots there! I'm getting ready for two air shows here on the East Coast in May. It'll be my first time using a digital SLR (D200) and a 300mm f/4 EDIF AF (I see you also have this lens).

    I plan to shoot RAW, but I'm not sure if I should use matrix metering or spot given the empty sky all around the planes. Any suggestions about this and what AF-area mode (single, dynamic, group dynamic, group w/closest) to use?

  16. Hi Pistol Pete, thanks for the great shots comment. I posted only the ones using my D-200 I took more using the D-70 but didn't want to post too many shots. I used matrix metering, shot in high jpeg, and dynamic mode. If you use continous shutter and pan you will get shots that will be keepers. All were used using the 70-200mmVR with a TC-17. Hope this helps, good luck and I hope the weather is going to be in your favor.
  17. Thanks for the info!

    The big show for me this year will be in Andrews AFB in May. Hopefully I'll get to see an F-22 in action.

  18. You're welcome Pete, If you get to see the F-22 be ready, because it comes by fast. Start focusing on it at a distant and keep it in the view finder and pan. Make sure you post the pics. when you get them taken.
  19. dweikum


    Apr 15, 2007
    Oakland, CA
    WOW! Great shots! I'm looking forward to the Blue Angels coming to town this year, and hope to have a decent lens on hand, and develop the skills to get some good shots. They come to SF every year for Fleet Week and put on a show, and I used to have a great vantage. My office was on the 21st floor facing the bay, my desk up against the window, so you could imagine how difficult it was to get any work done while they were practicing.
  20. Thanks Duane, I bet you miss the office where you have a fantastic seat and view. I sure hope you get the lens you are forward to so your pics. will be what you are looking forward to.
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