poisnous plants to dogs?

Oct 13, 2006
Palm Beach Gardens, FL.
so yesterday, my lab/pit mix and i were laying outside for a good hour or 2. all of a sudden he started to cry then he threw up 3 times (a large amount) and diarhea. i went to get the pooper scooper and when i turned around, he was laying on the ground on his side, urinating. with this, he wouldnt move at all. he wouldnt lift his head, his tail, he would get up at all. a dead weight. i called the vet (they were closed) then the local animal hospital. his eyes began to close but he was still breathing. i kept a close eye on him and was told not to feed him the rest of the night. i threw up 3 or 4 more times, ut each time was less and less (and mostly water.) by the time we both got up this morning, he seemed like nothing ever happened. i called back the vet and was told just feed him 1/4 of the amount i do, just to see if he keeps it down.

now there are at least 10 cats between my neighbors, all of which like to use our yard as a little box. we have no idea if the cats are up to date with shots or anything. i knew dallas (my dog) has helped himself to some of this here delicate 'food' of theirs so i first thought, one of the cats was sick. yet why would this happen all of a sudden? this morning i was walking in the yard to see what it could have been (if anything) that dallas ate. then i realized that my mom transplanted some plants from the back yard, closer to where dallas and i were the day this all happened. one of the plants, i recall he had a leaf in his mouth. the leaf being from the hosta plant. i have only found the hosta plant listed on 1 site so far (www.dr-dan.com) as being poisonous to dogs. the aspca doesnt even have it listed.

does anyone know of a well informed site that lists most of the poisonous plants and their symptoms if the animal gets ahold of it. also, have you ever had situations with pets and hosta plants and / or know if hosta plants are infact poisonous?

thanks for taking the time to read this. all help is appreciated.

Jan 26, 2005
Viera Fl
Wow what an awful thing to have happen
So glad your dog is ok.

I have never had anything like that happen
May 3, 2005
Wasilla, Alaska
I had it happen to my golden, but it was mushrooms not a plant. Sad thing is they don't learn from their mistakes. You just have to keep an eye out. Wish I could help on the plant in question but I am afraid I just don't know.
Apr 11, 2007
SW Ohio, USA
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Mike: I have Hosta, a Golden and cats that like to leave him "presents". He loves his daily snack of "kitty crapachino" - not something I can get him to stop, I gave up (he's 18yrs. young now).

My vet books tell me the Hostas can be poisonous to dogs and horses, but they would have to consume more than 1 leaf....maybe a plant or two.

My less than scientific guess is that he just overate (we probably don't want to guess what). The elimination process was just his method of dealing with the sick stomach. I had a Golden have much the same response from attempting to eat a whole bag of dog food. Next day it was like nothing happened.

Just keep and eye on him, especially the color of the urine, if it gets real dark or has any blood go back to your vet immediately.
Aug 1, 2006
Your dog had a seizure. You need to get him to the vet to be checked over, and be sure you have described the above signs/symptoms. If your vet blew this off AND you told him all of the above, you need a new vet ASAP!
Apr 30, 2005
Gilroy, California
Are these dogs subject to gastric torsion?

Had that happen to one of my borzois once. It was horrible. He survived it, but it was close.


Yep, I was thinking seizure also. My oldest lab use to have them every now and then.
May 1, 2005
East Lansing, MI
Did you inspect the vomitus or fecal material for plants or other foreign substances? With grand mal seizures, dogs may lose sphincter control, however, the diarrhea is an abnormal finding if the dog was otherwise healthy.

Was the seizure actually observed? If the symptoms occurred as you described without clonic/tonic convulsions or temporary flaccid/rigid paralysis then there may be a better explanation. Many toxins can cause vomitting, diarrhea, and loss of sphincter tone, and many toxins (snail bait, bacterial endotoxin, certain mushrooms, rattlesnake bite, black widow bite, many household cleaners, etc...) can also cause seizure so without a thorough work up or observation of the incident or ingestion you can't know for sure the cause.

Some answers to some of your questions:
Idiopathic seizures (epilepsy) is most commonly identified in 3-5 year old male dogs, but there are many MANY other reasons for seizure than epilepsy.

The main thing we worry about your dog picking up from Cat stools is toxoplasma gondii especially if these are outdoor cats, although dogs do not shed the protozoa. They can also pick up roundworms from the stools which do cause vomitting and diarrhea in severe cases.

Hostas toxicity is only associated with mild vomitting. No systemic effects have been reported in literature.

Hope everything is okay...I'd have it checked out ASAP by the vet even if you think the worst is over. I'm doing a rotation in Emergency/Critical Care right now and have seen it far too often where an animal is admitted on its death bed after it ingested a toxin or foreign body and treatment was ignored.

Any dog can become bloated and tors going into GDV. It's most common in large/giant breed deep chested dogs but I've also seen it in Jack Russel's and a Chihuahua.
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