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  1. Nancy and I played in a small Texas Hold'em tournament last night. I was eliminated before her, so I kept busy by taking pics of the final table. Here's some CLS shots of several desperados trying to take Nancy's chips.

    Shifty Steve. He's a card counter, and is always figuring out pot odds.

    Dangerous Deb, sucking out on the river again!
    View attachment 91946

    Alex... always on the attack.
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    It looked pretty grim for Nancy . Her stack of chips was shrinking dangerously after a couple of bad beats.
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    But when the the fat lady sang, she was the only player left standing!
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    Here's a montage of the event that will be displayed at Camille's until the next tournament, 2 weeks from now.

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  2. frede


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    Princeton, NJ
    LOL.........good stuff Frank!
  3. Nice shots Frank. And looks like fun too.
  4. So... are you getting your share of mad money to buy more lenses? :rolleyes::biggrin: Congrats to Nancy on the victory, and to you on some fun snaps! :smile:
  5. Frank, great story and even better shots!!
  6. Hey, thanks, guys! I was thrilled for Nancy. I won the preceeding tourney, and was rooting for Nancy so we could be consecutive winners. The folks that took my picture for the display board only had a tiny digicam, and they didn't have a very good subject, either.


    I had the gear and a super model :).
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  7. I got a great laugh out of this series Frank. Love on montage.
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