Pond, Lilly, Fish all in one

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  1. I was out today and saw this pond about ten miles from my house. I stopped and asked to photograph it. The owner said he built the pond 22 yrs ago and raised the fish himself. I'm sending him an 8" x 10", of course for free. It needs a little more work in PS, I may have enhanced the colrs too much. What do you think?


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  2. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl

    How come you have pretty dark pink ones. All ours in the wild pond are White. hahaha Maybe I should throw a few different colored ones in the mix out here in Viera :>))

    You image looks like a painting. Plenty saturated on my monitor.

    Very pretty.
    Nice jesture of the image to the fellow. He will be thrilled, I am sure.
  3. i do not find it overly saturated. What you did may have been neccessary for the fish to be easily seen. I am certain he will be delighted. I know I am.