Poor me!

Hi, my name is Xcel. I am the happiest dog ever. I would love to come out and play. My family is out front mowing the lawn and fertilizing it. I am very sad, I'm stuck in the back yard. Poooooor me. :frown:

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No no, ignore him!!! I'm Banja and I'm MUCH more fun!!! :biggrin: You should bring ME out to play, I am made of springs, I will show you!

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What a sweetie Gretchen. :smile:
He really is.....his size puts people off (he's 120lbs solid in working weight), but of all my dogs, he's the biggest mush!!

Tsk, tsk..... poor lil' doggies!!!!

Oh -- almost forgot to add: great pictures, especially that first one!
Thank you Connie!! I shot these on my belly this afternoon, PRE fertilizer! :biggrin:

I'm sure...just like the schnauzers. LOL!
You know it!!!