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Popeye had me post this shot for him...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Backdoctor, Feb 2, 2005.

  1. Popeye is in the process of getting a Pbase or Smugmug acct. Here is a shot he needed to post. Looks awesome to me. What do you think.

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  2. F15Todd


    Feb 1, 2005
    Very nice picture from Popeye, but I know that's not from around Bay county.
  3. Hey Todd, good to see you. I think you'll find some old friends here. No trolling, except for me. (Bill Dewey helps out, but wont admit it)

    Enjoy. 8)
  4. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    Excellent shot Bernie. :!: Thanks for posting Harris. :!:



  5. Sheesh, the way rumors get started around here....

    To be PERFECTLY clear, Dewey DOES troll....

    Tuna, Wahoo, Salmon.........and it can be boring as, well, you know what :wink: .

    Now, to the image itself, gorgeous, but am I the only one who thinks it would benefit from a slight CW rotation? Quick whack with the Measure Tool along the shore at the top, them Image->Rotation->Arbitrary. Might be worth a try, eh?
  6. Dewey, I was going to say the same thing (about the rotation). But it's better for the trolls to say it first... :) 

    I like this pic a lot. High contrast, so I know it was difficult to get detail in both the snow and the trees. I'd be tempted to experiment with DEE (Capture) or Shadow/Highlight (PhotoShop) adjustments to see if it could be balanced a bit more without adding too much noise in the darker areas.

    Love that reflection!

  7. I knew you trolled! :D 
  8. Yeah, but I much prefer sight-casting or live-baiting, more of a sense of accomplishment you know :wink:
  9. I'm not much of a fisherman, so I'll stick with the trolling I know how to do.
  10. Steve S

    Steve S

    Feb 1, 2005
    SE Florida
    Beautiful image, Popeye

    And if it wasn't for some know-it-all pointing out it's lacking of being perfectly level ;)  I would'a never noticed! Thnx for that leveling tip too "Reteif". Hey, Bill does that name mean you're a fan of Reteif Goosen the golfer?
  11. Very nice image, beautiful mountains. I too noticed right off that it was not level and I'm sure a slight CW rotation would help.

  12. F15Todd


    Feb 1, 2005
    Re: Beautiful image, Popeye

    We all know that Tiger is still the man!
  13. Re: Beautiful image, Popeye

    As to "know-it-all", I have had the same comment made regarding a bunch of my pictures lately. I often get so caught up in following a bird that the horizon goes unnoticed.

    As to Retief, nope, although I was once asked if I was So. African. Apparently one Piet Retief was one of the original Voortrekkers.

    Mine comes from Jame Retief, Intergalactic Diplomat in a series of books by Keith Laumer. His claim to fame is getting the job done, often by ignoring the bureaucratic bozos he works for, as well as being a bit of a wise-guy. Started reading these at a very young age, 8 or 9, I wonder if it had anything to do with the way I am now...... At any rate, great stories, fun reads.

    As to golf, I think my longest drive is about 550, measured in millimeters :lol: , golf is not my friend.....
  14. Popeye had me post this for hom

    Thanks for the advice on Teton image, I've reworked it and when I get an account to send I will resend.

    Reasons it wasn't level on your monitor

    1. Horizon was level on my screen when I sent it

    2. It was my first morning in the Tetons and as I had driven from
    Florida to Wyoming and it was very cold I drank the alcohol out
    of the bubble level I had on top of my D2H which warmed me up
    and I went back to making images.

  15. Re: Popeye had me post this for hom

    If you need a place temporarily, let me know, I can set you up with a gallery to pop them into.

    As to the "Reasons", I was expecting....

    It's because.......I Yam what's I Yam...........I think I'm showing my age....
  16. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Re: New Names

    That's what I thought - geez, are we geeks or what.
  17. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    Re: New Names

    Yes. Is that a bad thing?? :D  :D 

  18. Re: New Names

    You, sir, are a man of rare good taste......

    By the way, I personally prefer the "or what" to "geeks", just a thing with me and labels...... :wink:
  19. Popeye

    I am one of the biggest offenders of having tilting horizons, what a beautiful scenery you captured there must add the Tetons to my list of places to see.
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