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May 11, 2006
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you know Randy...I sold my D850 in anticipation of buying the D6...after that I will sell my D500 and will keep the Z6..I like it that much. Coupled with the 50 1.8 s and for me the more impressive 85mm 1.8 S it's hard to not like..I've shot birds around the house with the Z6 ( albeit more often thorough the windows,,so noise is not a concern. For DIF's ( deer in flight) I've no concerns whatsoever. I still have the D500. for BIF's and have not used the Z6 that often for that...primarily because I do have the D500. So for now the Z6 stays....until the next iteration that meets my photographic needs. You of course will make your own decision depending on your needs. Oh..and with the latest firmware update Trooper is happy knowing that the autofocus can more accurately catch him in focus..
Thanks bob, good helpful info
May 1, 2005
Thunder Bay Ontario Canada
Wonderful stuff.
I find 2 very powerful- I would get rid of the color in the top left corner. I find that pulls my eye out of the picture, but that may just be me.
#1 is powerful, but I find two of something somehow unsettling. I like 1 or 3 objects. I do like the way you got both of the pods and stems in focus. In print, and these deserve to be printed, I think the light greens on the left are too light and attract unneeded attention. One minute in photoshop and they are gone.
Really really nice stuff
Thanks very much Gary...good advice and I do believe I need to revisit these and have them printed.
Just absolutely gorgeous!
Thanks Bear....good to hear from you..
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