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  1. Nick - Thanks for the information. I'm sorry to see it go. I'm a current subscriber and enjoy reading the magazine's articles. I'll miss it but time moves on and print magazines keep disappearing.
  2. Meh. I only used it for the ads in the back, since the internet...not at all.
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    Sorry to see this. I used to read the magazine when I first got interested in photography.
  5. I couldn't find another thread about this (I guess I should have put this in the In Memorium forum?) but I would think many of you have heard about the demise of Popular Photography and American Photo magazines. No matter the reasons and in correlation with the thread about what happened to the photo industry in 2016, there still is a sense of sadness which many of us here can relate to. If you want info you can check out PetaPixel, thephoblographer, dpreview, etc. I had recently re-upped for the next 3 years! The interesting part was when I called Bonnier Pub. the agent I talked with said they hadn't been told about the magazine being canned. (The CEO's letter to employees and the editors letter to writers and contributors are both on-line.) I also was offered a refund! Nice. There's a great picture of the 1st issue's cover over at DPR . . . gone 80 years of history . . . a lot of my life has been with my nose buried in that magazine (and others!). Remember all the good Petersen publications, among MANY others?
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    Sad to see it go I've subscribed for years.
  8. Two finger peck!
  9. It's too bad...but then again, I haven't looked at it in years.

  10. Don, your version is far more eloquent!
  11. To each his own. I'm from the baby boom generation and I still like the print media. The magazine obviously didn't have enough appeal to stay in business and that certainly seems to be the trend in the magazine industry.
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    Too bad, I enjoy reading magazines of all types out on the patio and FAR away form a digital screen.
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  13. I remember some years ago when a NYC guy on a bicycle visited and photographed the front window/doors of the 100 or so camera retailers who advertised in the magazines.
    Then he put them up on the internet.
    Most were little hole-in-the-walls, residences, or doors with a half dozen company names on them. And most were in rough parts of the city. Wonder if his site is still up ? Would be a lot smaller number of photos these days.
  14. I stopped buying photo mags a few years ago when I figured out I wasn't really learning anything from them. Basically they cycle through the same theme issues: Landscapes, Portraits, Wildlife, Portraits, B+W, Flash, Macro, annual new gear roundup, etc. Pretty much have those basically figured out and don't need even more photo gear.
  15. Photography was a lot "narrower" in them olden days; now magazines have to satisfy every flavor of shooter and service any number of advertisers/sponsors. Pop Photo was not quite as blatantly shallow and recycler of content as Outdoor Photographer. But, yes, times have changed a lot!
  16. Yeah, but you (the college prof) use bigger words . . . venerable, eloquent, instrumental . . . oh! that reminds me I 've got to get moving to my brass rehearsal tonight! Bye!
  17. I still like some magazines - the Taunton Press has a few I enjoy - Fine Garden among them with both good photography and excellent editorial content. Popular Photography increasingly seemed gutted by ads and devoid of editorial content. The content itself seemed driven by advertisers.
  18. That all goes away in 65 days when I retire--I'll be down to 1-2 syllable words, and 4-letter words! &^%$!
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    Anyone remember Modern Photography. I used to subscribe to it in the distant past. I assume it is long gone.