Porsche Club Race @ Lime Rock, CT

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  1. The Connecticut Valley region Porsche Club had a race this past weekend in Lime Rock Park, CT.

    This gave me a chance to use my D200 and the motor drive in a quick moving situation.

    I think I overdid it with the motor drive given the number of shots (1700!) I took. I had the external grip for the D200 with two batteries and didn't do too much image review on the LCD. I shot in compressed RAW. This was my first time using an AF camera and having a motor drive. I know, I know, get with the times after 20 years!

    I hope there is nothing wrong with my D200 because at the end of the day, the battery meter showed 40% left on the FIRST battery after 1700 shots. The 2nd battery wasn't even touched yet. This seems impossible given what I've read about battery life on the D200. I was using old screw driven 80-200 and 300mm lenses.

    Enough with the talk, here are some samples:

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    The day was mostly overcast so the cars didn't really "pop" out. It was also hard to get the right shutter speed for an effective panning shot while keeping the car sharp. More practice is needed I guess.

    Any suggestions for improvement would be appreciated!

    The rest of the gallery is here:
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  2. BryanSpeed


    Feb 20, 2007
    N. Texas
    nice, looks like a good time for both you and the drivers :)
  3. cupowater

    cupowater Guest

    that yellow caymen looks sooo sweet... nice photos
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