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Portable storage devices

Discussion in 'Other Cool Gear, Camera Bags, Camera Straps' started by jeriann3, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. jeriann3


    Jan 12, 2006
    Huntsville AL
    Hi there, I'm looking for some opinions on portable storage devices (USB pocket-sized drives), etc for extended field trips.

    I know many say the cost of flashcards has gotten to where just stocking up on a few can get you by, but I'm not wanting to go that route at the moment.... mainly because I already have several of the little gadgets to keep up with, but more importantly, I'm upgrading the a D300s, and want to organize some motion clips and stills in a way that allows me to better process my files, so my laptop will be along to do those types of tasks...

    So, I'm wondering who is using these devices in the field, and your take on them ... I've seen some that don't take an extra power adapter, that's attractive to me ...

    appreciate any input -- Jeri 'Ann
  2. mike367


    Mar 22, 2008
    I bought an Epson P6000 media viewer about 8mths. ago. Its a great unit but I have only used it one time. I thought I would use it more but it sits in my dresser drawer. They are nice though. Mike
  3. While I am sure they would come in pretty handy, I would think the 1st time you dropped one, you stand a big chance of kissing some or all of your pics goodbye. If it was the portable hard drive type.

    I understand the battery life is not that great either. I just looked at a portable HD for someone the other day. She swears it was not dropped, but it was showing all the signs. 'Click.. Click.. Click'. The only chance she had of recovering any pictures was to maybe send it off to a HD recovery company... and that isn't cheap.

    .. and for the price of one.. you can buy a lot of extra memory cards. ( .. but .. I know... you said you didn't want to go that route..)
  4. mipo


    Mar 6, 2009
    Montreal, Québec
    On the road I use a small netbook & two 320gb StorageJet hard drives from Transcend to backup my CF cards.
  5. jeriann3


    Jan 12, 2006
    Huntsville AL
    thanks all of you, good thoughts.... Yeah, that is scary to think about dropping a pocket drive... I think I would only use it in the hotel room, and not carry each outting ...A regular-sized external drive would fit, but I like to eliminate or compact as much gear as possbile. I do have a Dell Laptop that travels w/ but it's only about 80 gigs free... less I dump some programs, or invest in a bigger internal harddrive....

    I have about 4 or 5 CF cards, and will probably need a couple more for the D300s arrives ... it has two slots

    I have lost a microdrive or two in older days, but that always sticks in my mind to remind me to be very careful with my cards.... I will look into the mentioned media viewer... is that for storage and viewing images on a somewhat better display than a camera's LCD? thanks again
  6. I have dropped my Hyperdrive Colorspace, upgraded the hard drive, had the battery charge last for months, never had a problem and it is fast downloading as well. I have the older version, the new one is even faster with a larger screen. The screen is large enough to check your images, and from what I understand the new interface is better than the older one.

    I carry over 40gb of fast CF, and I still would not go on a trip without the Colorspace.
  7. mike367


    Mar 22, 2008
    The Epson viewers screen is amazing, you can zoom in to check sharpness. It downloads and uploads files very fast and the battery lasts a long time. Mike
  8. bill-e


    May 10, 2008
    New Hampshire
    While I don't use it to backup photo's as I'm only a hobbyist, I travel every week on planes and I haul along my laptop and passport drive (data backup) in a bag with very little padding. I've been doing that for 6 years and during that time I have never had an equipment failure.

    The Western Digital Passport drive is USB 2.0, is powered from USB so no external power, fits in a shirt pocket, and mine is 320gb. There are many quality backup drives out there which would be suitable.

    Because the size is small and pricing very reasonable one could easily haul two of them and have redundant backup.

    You could also very inexpensively put a 500gb drive in your laptop and use that as primary storage with a USB drive as backup.

    The Colorspace product looks cool too if you need battery portability and a stand alone backup but if you're bringing along your laptop the $106 500gb Passport on Amazon is very attractive.
  9. I bought a Wolverine over a year ago and love it. Came with a 120GB drive but after the year warranty was up, I upgraded to a 250GB drive and it cost less than $100. Bought a stock 250GB laptop drive and it was a very easy swap. I think Wolverine has a sale on the 250GB size going right now.

    It was a good move for me because I have a much older laptop and it only has USB 1.1. Takes forever to transfer pictures from a card and only has an 80GB drive. When I go to an airshow I can shoot 7 to 8 thousand shots in three days. Takes all night to transfer to the laptop and I have to get up to change the cards.

    The Wolverine is several hundred dollars cheaper than an Epson of equal size, does not have as good a screen as the Epson (large but not as bright - still it works fine and you can zoom also), and I agree the battery life is not great. But, I bought a 2nd battery and can swap them out in seconds. Not sure the Epson's can swap batteries. Like you, I tend to download at night but can do it at the show as well even though I have 6 eight gig cards.
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 10, 2009
  10. HyperDrives and Wolverine make decent, more affordable units than the Epson that you should check out. I'm personally hoping that the long time rumor of an Apple tablet sized like a netbook is coming soon. As long as it's not tied to Verizon and has a decent sized drive (128GB or bigger), that'll be my storage/viewing device. Looks like it may be priced along the lines of the Epson, but it will obviously be much more versatile...

    Otherwise give those two at the top a look...
  11. jeriann3


    Jan 12, 2006
    Huntsville AL
    Well thanks.... lots of food for thought. I was thinking along the lines of something like the digital passport drive ... sounds feasible. I have 250 gig on my laptop, but I'm running Adobe LightRoom, CS3, and other programs etc which takes up much of that drive's storage space, so something portable to bring images home to my desktop system seems to be what I'm looking for, and yeah, dual drives would make a good backup system..... It's attractive to view images too, but I think the display on my D200, 300 would give me pretty good ideas of any images or corrections to make. Isn't technology ever-changing... it helps to hear what users are using first hand, and practical experience! much appreciated ... Jeri Ann
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