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Jan 27, 2005
Panama City Beach,Florida

I've been surfing the net for the last week looking for a method to download compact flash cards while on the road and found Delkin Device's DVD Burnaway which was released late 2004. I like the idea of going diectly to DVD and not a hard drive that I have to download,worry about losing images,batterys etc.
Does anyone seen one,have one, used one,thinking about buying one or thought about what you are going to put all those images when you get your new D2X? check it out. www.delkin.com

Jan 26, 2005
San Jose, CA
I'd like to go a step beyond mass storage, and be able to display/review/orgainize the shots
without having to upload them to a laptop. Have you looked at the Epson P-2000? It's a little pricey at $500,
but it does so much, and the price will surely start falling.

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Jan 25, 2005

I'm scared of directly burning disks or dvd's. I have had too many fail on my PC. Without being able to verify that it was actually successful I would be frantic. Its still up in the air for me though. I just ordered 2 4gb cards so I probably will wait to download everthing after I get home. The EzPnP 40gb mass storage pocket drive is pretty interesting though.

If you get the burner let us know what you think. Surely they have a way of telling you if the burn was successful or if you just have another coaster. :)

Jan 26, 2005
Ohio & Florida
My only thought here would be that you can buy a small laptop with a 40 Gig HD for $500 or so. There is a lot more there than the P-2000 and the screen is a lot more usable.
Also for $500 you can almost buy 10 Gig of CF Cards if you don't need fast ones. Space equals almost zero, no batteries or power supply.
Jan 31, 2005
Brooklyn, NY USA
I have the Apacer disc Steno 200 which burns CD's. If a DVD-burner had been available at the time I bought the Apacer I would have considered it, as that would be a big advantage (less discs to carry). But, I am very happy with my Apacer. The unit does have a verify function, although I didn't entirely believe it, so on my trip to Italy last summer I burned doubles of every disc, just in case, but it wasn't necessary....all copies were perfect.

I would never trust my photos to a hard drive unit, not even a laptop. Hard drives fail. My laptop has just come back from repair for a failing hard drive. Even if I downloaded to a laptop I'd still burn to CD's or DVDs, so I'd still have to carry them!

I would take my laptop on certain trips, along with DVDs to burn, but there are times when I just don't want to travel with a laptop, and that's not only because of weight/space, but because of security--not wanting more gear to worry about having to carry around when you have to park the car, etc.
Jan 28, 2005
Viera, Florida
I use the Wolverine. Its a portable hard drive and it gas absolutely no bells and whistles on it. You can't view your pics, you can't listen to music all you can do is dump your files from your CF card onto it.

When I shoot I just take it and two 1 gig CF cards with me. When one card gets filled I download it and shoot with the other.

B&H is selling the 40 gig Wolverine for $219.00 right now.
Feb 2, 2005
Maple Bay, Duncan, BC, Canada
Real Name
Andreas Berglund
I Use a 200 GB portable drive

With my laptop. I backup my files to it from the laptops harddrive. I agree with Janet that hard drives can break. But two of them at the same time is quite unlikely... When I come home I back it up against a 3rd harddrive on my home system. That way I feel pretty safe.... The External drive cost me about $135 at some special event at Frys ( I bought the harddrive and the enclusure separately and installed it in the enclosure and formatted it and had a cheap functioning USB 2.0 drive. In the car I also If I really have to use a cheap $25 Voltage inverter to get 120 V AC in the car to power the laptop, you can find then at any carstore....

Feb 13, 2005
South Thomaston, ME
I have a Mac G4 Powerbook and a spare 80 gig (out of an old computer) drive in a case with a firewire cable. With this setup, I can download my images to the PB and export them to the external drive, or burn CDs or a DVD-R if I am really sweating losing images. Like you, I have an inverter in my van and keep my Powerbook and any other batteries charged. I can envision a team of two people using the Wifi system with a Powerbook and printer. One person shoots and the other can whip out finished prints of some event, like white water rafting operation or whatever.

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