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  1. Well this was my first assignment for my portrait class... the assignment was two different poses. Pose #1 was the models feet to be facing a 3 o clock position in relation to the camera with their shoulders at 7 o clock, then the second pose was their feet at 4 o clock with their shoulders at 8, both with a rembrant style of lighting. Minimal editing was done to all images... hope you enjoy :smile:

    Pose #1


    Pose #2

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    Pose #1

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    Pose #2

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  2. The lighting was set up with one umbrella to the photographer's left and to the side of the model set on full power as well as a large soft box set to the photographers right and in front of the model set on 1/4 power to give a 5/1 ratio.
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    Very nice
  4. Not enough face. There's this little head in a sea of black. Get closer.
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    Hi Nathan,
    Good first attempt and two lovely models.....lucky you.

    Your Rembrandt lighting is pretty good.....especially in #'s 3 and 4 where the triangle is a bit more defined on her left cheek.

    I agree with Woody about the framing. Either get closer next time or if you have large enough files I'd crop-in to bring the face closer to the viewer and have it fill more of the frame.

    Also I think you are underexposing. Opening up a stop would have helped with the third and fourth.....possibly even two stops on the first and second. F/16 is a mighty small aperture for this kind of work. If your lights are set that high I'd turn them down and get your aperture range in the f/6-f/10 range for shots like these.

    All-in-all a very good first attempt.

    Nice work.
  6. The images have interesting lighting but nothing to separate the black clothing from the black background. This leaves you with a bunch of black and then the small head. I agree with Woody, move in close and do a head shot and/or get your model to wear something other than black. These could be quite nice as a head shot. Keep at it you have a good lighing sense but they appear to be underexposed.
  7. Well in response...
    For one, I actually was forced to compose the shot as is for my homework assignment. However, I do agree with you guys on the composition. If it were up to me, I would have been much tighter.
    Second, it does look a little dark but I was also forced to shoot at f/16. My teacher wanted everyone who shot at iso 100 to shoot the assignment at f/11 and all others who shot at 200 to use f/16.
    Finally, I had actually forgotten about part of the lighting that I used. I also had three 2x6 soft boxes, one on the top of background, and one on either side set at 1/4 power to separate them from the background. The 1/4 power was also determined by our teacher :tongue:

    Just for fun, I took the liberty to brighten one of the shots up... better?