Portrait lens ?

Mar 22, 2005
Davis / Bay Area
obelix said:
virtuamike said:
I'd only buy the 70-200 for the AF-S and VR, neither of which are really necessary for the shooting I do.
Hmm, for your badminton shoots, you need both :)
Actually for my badminton shots I would've gotten away with the 17-55 since I was shooting at 50mm the entire time :D All I really needed was AF-S, no VR since I was shooting with the strobe.

Either that or D2H/X (mmmm CAM-2000).
Apr 24, 2005
Denver, CO
I went with primes and depending on subject and light I may use...

24 f2.8
50 f1.4 (for low light)
50 f1.8 (for bright outdoors)
85 f1.8
180 f2.8

I need something between 85 and 180.
May 1, 2005
San Antonio TX
Portrait with 300mm?
Sure. Here.
Actually I definitely want to do some head shots with it.

85.1.4 is sublime and I've got the LL Dz for a DC..probably the 135.

Here's from yesterday.
My family's tired of sitting for me. so I shoot anyone(thing) that'll put up with me.

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May 8, 2005
Vermont, USA
Portrait lenses

My favorites for portraits are:

AFD 85/1.4 simply outstanding in all respects. Perfect for head and shoulders shots, either outdoors or in studio

AI-P 45/2.8 a true gem of a lens. It's the one I use most for full body shots.

AI-S 105/2.5 the classic manual focus Nikkor for portraits. If you have a lot of working distance, it's the dream lens for headshots.

I also own the AFD 105/DC, which is also superb. But I prefer the older AI-S, as I tend to work slowly and manual focus does not bother me.

I am planning to buy the 135/DC, and will be selling the 105/DC. If you're interested, contact me.

Best wishes,



The 50 1.8mm is a great cheap portrait lens on a Digital SLR.

If you want a good (now cheap) zoom, try the 35-70 F2.8D
May 4, 2005
Guisborough,North Yorkshire.England
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Sigma or Tamron ?

Thanks for all the replies, I've really been surprised by the great response fellas, much appreciated. I'm going to try and have a look at all the lenses mentioned if I can and then make my mind up, if I can that is !
I was talking to a man I know who has had Nikon film cameras for over 30 years who uses sigma lenses a lot but he actually said that the Tamron 90mm was outstanding and probably better build quality than the Sigma ?
So I guess I'll have to have a look for myself on that one.
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