Portraits with a 20mm lens

Discussion in 'People' started by Uncle Frank, Sep 17, 2005.

  1. The 20/2.8D is my local travel lens. It makes for a super lightweight rig with the d70, and is surprisingly versatile. I saw this really neat delivery truck as we were going to coffee this morning.


    When we got inside, I was delighted to find a pair of young ladies that I had photographed a couple of weeks ago at a party. Here's the shot I took of them back then, using the 28-70/2.8.

    View attachment 15592

    Here's the 20mm versions from today. Both shots were taken at 1/25 sec. and f/4, handheld. By now, I was an old friend, so their poses were a more relaxed.

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    View attachment 15594
  2. They're delightful !
    Tomorrow's my daughter's birthday. She's pretty grown up now (29 !), but I think I'll have my 20 mm set on the D70 too. A setup that helps to act swiftly.
  3. Love them Frank, the kids are really cute and you have captured their expression well.