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Possible one time soccer shots. Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Sports Photography' started by mikefitz6, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. I figure I am a notch up from rank beginner, but I am taking some soccer shots tomorrow that I may only have one chance at. I did not know about this until tonight, and I did not expect to go. I have not shot any sports since May.

    I will swallow my pride and ask the group, what little things should I watch out for? It may be raining or starting to clear. No time to buy any fancy rain covers, so I will be ready to tape a garbage bag to the camera/lense if it is raining. (of course it is the first substantial rain we have seen in over 2 months.)

    Batteries are charged or charging. AA's in the grip (D300). If I go through these, I will be OK with 6 fps. Monopod ready to go. (I am making a checklist). Bulb blower packed. I reviewed my settings. AF-C on etc. 2 4 gig, 3 2 gig, and 3 1 gig cards formated and ready to go.

    Any other tips would be appreciated.

    I hope this is actually the first of four years of soccer games. My son redshirted last year (D-II Colorado State University - Pueblo) and was told in May that he was on the bubble to even be brought back. He lost 14 pounds and ran all summer long. He is one of 19 out of 30 that was told to suit up for tomorrows scrimmage. The coach will decide in another week who gets cut and who stays. He may still ride the bench the whole game, but I want to be ready. I will post the pictures so that the team can download them if they want them, but I hope a few are of my son. :smile: I just don't want to mess this up.

    Thanks for any reminders.
  2. You mean buy them right? Not just download them for free right?

  3. Not everybody is into photography for money.
  4. So are you giving the original poster advise or not? Because I certainly was.

    What are you in photography for?

  5. This is the NCAA though, and selling photos of student athletes is one thing they do prohibit against. Selling photos will bring him a lot more harm, than telling other photographers that he's letting them download them for free. Even at a lower level, the NCAA isn't a group that you want to test.
  6. No doubt that you want to play within the rules of whatever organization that your shooting for. However, its perfectly valid to point out that shooting for free harms the profession to some extent.


  7. Well, to me it sounded more like one of those pro photogs preaching to an amateur about giving away their work, and making it hard on the working pros kind of comments. Not everybody is looking to make a buck at their hobby. Some folks just like doing things for others as a favor.

    Well, up until recently, it's just been a hobby. I've given numerous photos away to friends in the past, just because it was something I enjoyed doing. It wasn't until a few months ago that I decided to actually start doing it as a side business. Still, I'm not real sure what my motivation has to do with the OP's motivation.
  8. Be sure to read the post above in regards to selling photos of an NCAA event.
  9. McQ

    McQ Just your average, everyday moderator. Moderator

    Mike, I like to go with either Aperture Priority (especially if the available light is not steady), or Manual (just really learning to nail that down...others, like MikeMac, are aces at it).

    If you have a good sense for soccer, it'll really help you anticipate the action and nail some good shots. What lens or lenses are you considering using? I use Nikon's 300mm f/2.8 and love it. I keep the VR turned off, as it slows down the focus and the high shutter speeds make it unnecessary anyway. Speaking of shutter speeds, I aim to keep them well over 1/800 (personal preference is more like 1/2000 if I can get it!). The other lens I use is the 70-200mm f/2.8, again with VR turned off.

    I focus using no more than 21 point autofocus, and usually just use spot focusing anyway, moving the focus point around where I need it.

    Watch your backgrounds, so you don't get people knitting in the background, or a portable toilet, etc. Keeping your aperture at wide open or a stop or two above wide open will help with that.

    You will get lots of opinions on whether or not to shoot RAW or JPEG. It's up to you. Obviously RAW gives you more leeway in post processing. I use either one, depending on my mood. :wink: For me, it takes much longer to download and process RAW. Probably a function of my computer's speed and power, but Capture NX also goes slower when I am working on RAW files. So again, that's up to you.

    Shoot from as low of a position as you can get. The pics just look better from below eye level of the soccer players, and even better below chest level. So get down!

    Move around the field and get shots from everywhere if you can. You are using a monopod, which can be a real help if your lens is a beast, so good on you for that. The steadier, the better.

    Posts about whether or not you're getting paid are irrelevant to this thread, since you're asking only for technical help. Perhaps they should be addressed in one of the many other threads that have already beaten that topic into the ground. Or maybe even in PMs.

    Mostly, have fun, shoot a lot of pictures, and don't rush to throw away the ones you don't want to keep. Check them carefully for exif information and histogram data so you have an idea of why they may not have come out right.

    Lastly, post some here when you're done. We'd love to see them!

    Go get 'em!
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