Post for gourmands... :)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by italy74, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. Hi all there,

    of course there's no a real forum where posting this kind of shots.. I just hope you will enjoy it.

    It's just the first of the several cakes my wife does everytime someone has his own birthday...

  2. p.s. even the chocolate cover is "hand made"
  3. Oh yeah!!! That looks delicious!!!
  4. Here's she with our 6th wedding anniversary cake.. very simple.. much better will come soon... ;) This (and others) are old shots where W/B and lighting weren't that much...

  5. Another birthday cake...

    Sorry, I was a tad late to get it out the box...
    it was a gift for one of our friends' daughter


    - pasta sfoglia (puff pastry)
    - crema chantilly (chantilly cream)
    - nutella (hazelnut cream)
    - pan di spagna (sponge cake)
    - lingue di gatto (a kind of flat and rough biscuit, like the cat's tongue)
    - crema al burro, colorata di rosa (butter)
    - cioccolato in scaglie, nocciole (chocolate chips, hazelnuts)

    weight: 2,5 kg; preparing time: about 3h

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