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Practicing with my new Sigma 120-300

Discussion in 'Birds' started by JMartin, May 22, 2007.

  1. JMartin

    JMartin Guest

    I had issues with the lens being soft and considered sending it back.

    After advice from the guys in the sports forum and a couple friends i shoot with localy, I tried some different things last night out in the front yard. Here is one of the images after trying several of the things suggested, nothing done in post except sizing for the web:

    Shot at 300mm, f/2.8, 1/750 sec
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    Thanks for looking!
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  2. eng45ine


    May 11, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    This is a nice capture Joe. Not the greatest background because it takes away slightly from the beauty of the bird....but I doubt that the bird would have posed somewhere else for you. The image appears sharp and the colors are pleasant. Congrats on your new lens and I'll be watching for more of your shots with it.
  3. Very nice! After long years trying to get better I'm certain now that my camera equipment far exceeds my ability. I see no need for anything more powerful or sophisticated for a couple more years, at least!

  4. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Very nice image of the sandhill
    They are a pretty bird
  5. JMartin

    JMartin Guest

    Thanks Frank. I will get more opportunities, the birds make an appearance twice a day. As for the background, the others were MUCH worse. I moved to this position because of the way the sun was hitting. The others had almost completely white sidewalk and driveway in them :cool: 
  6. eng45ine


    May 11, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    Not a bad shot at all Joe, and it only gets better from here. Glad to see you shooting and posting your images.:smile:
  7. JMartin

    JMartin Guest

    I hadn't even taken a picture with the Sigma yet and Jen asked what camera piece I need next, :mad:  she is on to me! Luckily all I could think of at the time was a Sigma 2x TC.

    Thank you for the comment Gale. I agree about them being pretty. All my neighbors complain they are too loud and annoying, but I enjoy seeing them walk thru the neighborhood.
  8. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005

    Well, to start with, I'm jealous of your shooting environment. :rolleyes: 

    As for the lens, I think that you have one of the best 3rd-party lenses available for Nikon cameras. Someday, I hope to add this one to my kit. :smile:
  9. Looks very good, nice and sharp from here. So what did they recommend you change?
  10. JMartin

    JMartin Guest

    Thank you Frank and Andréas. You know you have an open invitation to come to Florida any time you like Frank, I'm sure a lot of us down here would love your company! :smile:

    Andréas, most of the suggestions were on the fact that trying to shoot at f/2.8 on such a long lens (my longest lens to this point is my 70-200 VR) was how narrow the focus plane is and to be more careful of where I am focusing. You can see the thread I started on buying the lens and the questions regarding exposure in the sports forum here.

    However, the biggest tip was on the sharpening... I am a graphic designer as well, and I always think of sharpening as I do in Photoshop. You are told sharpening should be the last thing applied to your work, so I was leaving sharpening to low or off in-camera. A local friend that is an animal photographer (and also uses the D200) told me after he switched from the D100 to the D200, he was having to turn his sharpening on to get some of the same detail, so I tried it while shooting the crane. And as I posted above, that shot is right out of the camera other than resizing... simple as that, I have a decent looking shot. :wink:
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  11. Hey Joe back when Sigma first came out with this lens I traded my 50 to 500 in for it. I was at that time just useing all Nikon so it was a Nikon mount and on a Fuji S1 & S2. I got some of the greatest photos from that glass I ever had. I have an old Nikon 300 F2.8 and it was not as good as the Sigma. I think if this lens had OS (Optical Stableazation) on it I would have a Canon mount one in my collection. This is a good lens and if you can hold it off a monopod you can get great photos even with the 2X. I have many in my files. The only thing I complained to Sigma about when it came out was the tripod mount was not as good as the 50 to 500 so what did they do ??? They made it an option for about $150.00. Hang on to it I am sure you will grow to like it.
    The photo you posted looks great and I am surprised the BG is not blured more while shooting F2.8
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