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PRAISE: The D3 is a force to be reckoned with!

Discussion in 'Nikon FX DSLR Forum' started by Jonathan F/2, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. Man, I love shooting with the D3. Every time I go against Canon competition they always get a little worried. Especially when we go into low light situations. They've heard the rumors but to go up against one in the field is quite intimidating for them! A lot of Canon guys use the 5D for low light, while using a 1D for fast shooting, but to go up against a D3 with the AF, speed and high ISO must be worrisome. I so wish I could post some of my work shots on here, I am blown away at how well the D3 preserves detail. It is freaking amazing. It's almost like the shots I take are of a surreal reality. With a fast lens, the results are amazing.

    This may sound strange, but the D3 has given me the most absolute confidence in my ability to get the shot. Even at my own photo agency, because of the D3 I get first dibs on all low light assignments. Well the D3 and the fact I'm the only one with a 200 f/2 VR. :wink:

    It's gotten to the point that mega pixels don't worry me. The D3 sensor and pro caliber glass is the priority for me now. FX is the way digital photography should be.
  2. Amen! Brother.
  3. Ditto.......I have a 24-70 on order that will have to live on my D200 for a little while but my dream is to have a D3 200 f2 combo ...killer combination...


  4. Kqw1208

    Kqw1208 Guest

    So...why don't you tell us what you Really think about the D3???:biggrin:
  5. You don't realize how much you are able to take the low light abilities of the D3 for granted until you don't have it. I had to send my D3 to Nikon for some issues and had to shoot action in low morning light with the D2x and I was concerned with ISO. I was always "second guessing" my shots. With the D3, I could have set it on auto ISO and not worry one bit. I am happy to say that I received the D3 back from Nikon today. Looks as if all is well and I can't wait to shoot with it again this weekend.
  6. Nikkor AIS

    Nikkor AIS

    Jun 5, 2008
    You dont really miss somthing until it's gone. And since my D3 died Im back loving the D2H. But Im not loving the noise at 1600 ISO. Not having the D3 has made me forget, what I thought I wouldnt have to remember, about somthing I never used to know.:confused: . I miss my D3.

  7. It's not just the hi-iso capabilities, it's the whole camera. The D3 just works. AF, metering, flash, AWB etc. etc... Truly a photographers tool. Still amazed with how much improved it is over the D2x. It's liberating!
    Even if Nikon eventually comes up with a higher-res. version, I wish they'd keep a 12 mp. line and just keep on improving DR and noise response. 2 more stops of DR and hi-iso noise over the current D3 would be the perfect (all-around) camera for me.
  8. The D3 is awesome. I wish I had two!
  9. I wish I had one.
  10. Falter


    Feb 26, 2006
    Wish I had three :biggrin:
  11. I have to pick a D300 again though. I got my butt spanked the other day with a photographer shooting with a 1DSm3 and 600mm in sunny daylight. Pixel density still makes a difference. I can't afford a 600 right now either, so I'll take pixels!
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