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  1. I've had this idea for a while and found a couple wanting to do it and send the news to their families overseas. I've updated my blog with a description of the shoot and my ideas on the gear I used along with the use of flash. The pictures are in a gallery on my website.
    I started off with the couple walking up the hill.

    They point at something on the horizon and as it gets bigger ....



    Celebrations .....

    and a group photo. Flash was at TTL-BL -2 with the Sigma 18-35mm and D7200. In my blog I explain why I'd rather have used the kit lens.


    Anyway he is from Brazil and she is from Columbia. They met in New Zealand after coming here to learn English. After telling me they would spread a lot of "propaganda" about my website I had to explain the difference about publicity and propaganda :)
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  2. Cute idea, but the harsh lighting and shadows on their faces in the last two really detract from the portraits. You may have filled a bit of the shadows with your flash, but you've still got some blown areas on faces along with some awkward shadows. You would have been much better served shooting those frontal portraits in some shade.
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  3. Cute and rather original. Wouldn't it be great if you could generate the "baby cloud" using one of your "machines" !
  4. Thanks, maybe next time a smoke bomb will have to generate the cloud :)
    I know, that was one of the things I mentioned in my blog post about the shoot. It was 7:00pm but I should have waited one more hour for the shadows or used the diffuser part of a large reflector to block the sun.
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    Love this idea, Desmond. It's really cute.
  6. Thanks Glenn, I got the idea from the movie "UP" :)
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