Premium Presentation Paper Matte on an Epson R1800.

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  1. I recently picked up a refurb Epson R1800 printer. I've been printing with the Premium Photo Paper Glossy, and am happy with the output.

    I normally prefer matte, so picked up some 11x14 Premium Presentation Paper Matte. I am very unhappy with it so far. The colors are fine, but it seems that the has lower detail--details are missing when I print on the Matte paper that show up on glossy paper. This doesn't make sense to me, as I use Lightroom for both, with the same settings outside of paper size & paper type.

    It's possible I could be printing on the wrong side of the paper, as it's difficult to tell the difference. I'm sure I'm not taking into account something simple. I also realize I'm probably not giving enough information.

    I'm also surprised that the paper feels more like "construction paper" than a photo paper.

    Does anyone prefer other matte papers?

  2. Three I like:
    Inkpress Warm Tone 300
    Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Duo
    Epson Heavyweight Matte
  3. Mike...

    Thanks for the info and suggestions...
  4. Have you tried the other side of the paper?

    I keep making that mistake myself. I wish they would put some sort of watermark on the 'off' side.
  5. Beezle:

    I tried the other side... that was the problem-- the prints look very nice now.

    Thanks for the advice... I feel silly about this now. I think it would be very nice if there were a simple way to tell which side is which.

    Also, the package says formerly "Matte Paper-- Heavyweight". They may be the same paper.
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    If you look under good light, the proper side is whiter I think.
  7. That is how I always was able to tell, the wrong side appeared off white or yellow to me.
  8. Lick the corner of the paper the:sticky side is the print side
  9. I like the ideas... thanks. I don't know if I'm ready to go so far as to lick the paper, though. :smile:

    On a side note, does it seem like the embarrassing posts-- the ones that show how you missed something simple-- are always the ones that live on?