Pretty harsh review of the Z battery pack MB-N10

Feb 2, 2005
Maple Bay, Duncan, BC, Canada
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Yes the link is stupid but he is spot on with his criticism as far as i'm concerned, and it is one of the 3 reasons I have not bought a Z camera (no real vertical grip, small buffer, blackout) The Z system has a fair amount going for it, now why did Nikon cripple it compared to their DSLR's? A Z7 should have have been comparable to a D850 in every way plus a few extras to make it compelling. end rant.
Sep 13, 2007
Northern VA suburb of Washington, DC
I didn't read beyond Mistake #2, but he got that right:

"A lot has already been said of [the] fact that the MB-N10 was not designed as a vertical grip; it's just a dual battery holder. That, of course, is Mistake #2."

Well, he didn't get it quite right. He should have hired my wife as a proof reader; she's the best! She would have instantly noticed the missing word that I added.
Nov 15, 2006
Upstate SC
I found the link he included at the bottom to buy this thing pretty funny.
I saw that, too. Funny/ironic.
I’m on the fence with this one I want it because it’ll make the camera feel a little more natural in my hands (presumably). I don’t really need two batteries on tap as I always have a spare with me, but maybe?? Just not sure if it’s worth $200 for my particular needs. Good thing I don’t have to decide quickly!
Mar 4, 2005
Los Angeles, USA
There is absolutely no point releasing this grip even for video. They should of included in-use USB-C charging from a wall socket or power bank from day one. I shoot several video gigs a year and all I need to do is plug my Sony A7III to an external power bank that I use to charge my phone and other USB accessories. While recording, the camera still uses the battery as it's power source, but the USB power bank is constantly charging my battery while in use. So in a 1 hour + session my battery life only drops to like 94-96%. On top of that, Sony actually offers a real vertical grip with shutter button...and exist a plethora of knock-offs!

Sony ain't perfect either like firmware updating via USB, but then forgetting to update software to be compatible with newer OSes (updating on older cameras). :rolleyes:
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