Prime Minister Helen Clark

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  1. Heres the right honourable Helen Clark, Prime Minister of NZ.
    I went to Mercury Energies funeral, a long story.:mad:
    This was shot with Fuji S2Pro asa 1600, 1/15 at 4.5 on 80-400 vr, flash fill with SB-24 on -2 bounced for side lighting.
    Shes normally a bit chirpier....
  2. I saw her on a tourism infomercial program on Discovery or Travel Channel; she seemed to be quite the departure from stodginess that we see in political figures. She was doing some glacier travel with crampons at one point, I think some kayaking as well.
  3. Giday, mate

    THX! for your comment, Sean.
    My grade 10 teacher at EYCI, Toronto, back in 63, told my class "Clearly conceived ideas are easily expressed and understood".
    IMHO, Helen Clark does this better than than any other politician and she punches way beyond her weight on the world stage.
    Shes from hippy stock,dynamic, hard working, lives humbley, is easily approachable and Im a proud CDN-Kiwi bloke because of her.:wink:
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