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  1. OK I have NX.
    I open a NEF, process it, and then use the crop tool to crop to an 8X10 landscape print.
    I am printing on 8.5 X 11 paper. I have been unable to find a menu item to constrain the print to the 8X10 size and find the printed area is actually 8.25 X 10.38. I am printing to an Epson R2400 printer.
    Am I missing something or does the program not offer this option? It is even worse when I try to print a 5X7 on this same size paper. If I save to a JPG and open in CS2 I find the image is not 8X10 (7.5 X 9.75) and I have to recrop in PS to get the correct size to print.
    Also is it possible to crop to a specific size and pixel count, say 300 dpi. or 240 dpi.

  2. billg71


    May 4, 2007
    Atlanta, GA
    When you use the 8x10 crop in NX, you're cropping to those proportions, not to that specific size. To get an actual 8x10, go into Edit-Size/Resolution, make sure "Change the Output Size(DPI)" is checked and enter the desired width and height in the text boxes on the right side of the dialog box. This will change the dpi, so now set it to 240dpi for your Epson printer. Now your 8x10 crop should print at an actual 8"x10".

    To resize for a specific image size(800x600, 1024x768, etc.) select the "Change the File Size(Image Size)" option and use the left set of boxes to input the desired file size.

    I'd like to hear if this works on your system. Good luck,

  3. Bill,

    Thanks for the information. :smile:
    Only one other change was needed to make this work. In the print layout box there is a box "use output resolution" that needs to be checked. This then allowed my 8X10 to print to the proper size on 8.5 X 11 paper. Later this evening I will try the 5X7. What would be real nice would be the ability to print two 5X7's on the same page at the same time. I will experiment with this after I get the first part down pat.

    Take care.
  4. rsprouse


    Jan 25, 2006
    Encinitas CA
    Do yourself a big favor and download a copy of Qimage. I do ALL my printing through Qimage now.

    -- Russ
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