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Prints vs. Monitor WOW!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fishbio, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. Hi All.

    I hadn't printed any of my micro shots before and I just picked up a few prints of some Dragonflies and a pair of butterflies for our cottage bathroom. I thought they looked pretty good on a monitor, but the prints absolutely blew me away with their fine detail. I'm beginning to think I'm getting the hang of digital photography!

    The price was right, too with Costco's (Canada) special offer this week of 4 8x10s for $0.0 if you have a photo account.



    These were 2 of my choices

    Ocellated emerald


    Large marble

  2. Very nice. I also feel that my photos look better on print than on the monitor.
  3. Thanks, Mike

    Hey Dan, not just better but WOW better and my monitor is not some old clunker

  4. monitor = 72ppi

    print = alot more unless you cropped a crap ton
  5. Hi Andrew

    Not that it makes much difference but my monitor is 96 ppi.

    I try to compose and crop before I push the shutter button so plenty of resolution available for the print. Although one realizes that there is a lot more resolution in a print based on cold dry numbers you can't visualize it till you see it:smile:


  6. how do you find that?
  7. I know haw many pixels the monitor has and I measured the screen and used simple division!

  8. Nice find.

    I measured just less than two hand spans (approx. 9" each) and did a rough division into 1680 in my head. It looks as if I was wrong as the real # is 99.06. I'm a retired biologist, though, and I'm happy with any error less than 50%. :smile:


  9. Try www.AdoramaPix.com some time. I was really really shocked by their print quality and even packing. :smile:
  10. Thanks for the suggestion but issues with the US/Canada border, exchange, etc. wouldn't be worth it. Costco provides regularly updated printer profiles and I find their quality plenty good enough for me.

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