Probably my last hummer shots for the year

Discussion in 'Birds' started by LindaP, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. LindaP


    Nov 16, 2007
    Iowa, USA
    I didn't see my hummingbirds at all yesterday and when I walked out by the feeder no one buzzed my head like they normally do.
    Next year I hope to get more shots with them eating out of a flower. They just weren't very cooperative this year and and the flower that I'd attach to the feeder always wilted so quickly. I'll have to try the flower pick method that I just read about in another post next time.


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  2. Linda,

    You've got some excellent hummer shots. #1,2 are the best of
    the bunch but I also noticed in #3 that she was getting chunky.
    They are ready for a long trip back to south.
  3. Beautiful images. Love the 2nd one the most.