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  1. I just wanted to pass along information concerning a verified problem when using IE 7 and Norton Security. As of yesterday, I found that I could not view my pictures without crashing IE 7. I contacted SmugMug, and they told me that it is a known problem between IE 7 and a Norton Add-on "Norton Confidential Browser Helper Object Add-on" It was suggested that I disable the add-on to see if it corrected my problem. I disabled it, and the problem went away.
    Subsequently, I downloaded Firefox, and that works just fine.
    I am using Microsoft Vista Premium Home edition on a new HP 9000 series laptop that has Norton Internet Security installed.
    I hope this will help others experiencing this issue.:smile:
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  2. One of the main reasons I use Firefox. IMO, IE7 is a poorly done copy of firefox. Plus, there are plenty of neat add ons to firefox that make it a great browser for the web.
  3. Hi Rich,
    I agree that Firefox is much better, but I have concerns for the people viewing my website that will have problems. The problem seems to be more centered on Norton Internet Security software and not IE 7.:smile:
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    I had a similar problem on my new laptop Ed, so I removed the Norton program and downloaded the free AVG protection. All works fine now.
  5. Firefox

    Hi Frank,
    As far as I know, Norton still has one of the best ratings for protecting your system, so I will stick with it for a while longer. SmugMug is working to resolve the issue. In the meantime I have Firefox up and runing with no problems.:smile: