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Problem with Mac OS 10.13.6 and iTubes 12.8

Discussion in 'Apple/Mac' started by Allan, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. I don't sync my iDevices often but wanted to sync photos I saved on my Mac to my iPhone, iPad, and iPad mini. All worked fine on the mini which was running 11.4. However, once I updated it to iOS 12 the mini was no longer recognized by iTunes. I checked with my other 2 devices which were running iOS 12 and had the same problem. When I do a system report and scroll down the hardware list to usb, it does show the device connected and I have no trouble charging through the port.

    Does anyone else have this problem? Is it a known problem? I checked Apple sites and they say upgrade Mac and iTunes to the latest. iTunes 12.8 is the latest but I don't feel like upgrading to Mohave just yet. Maybe I have to?
  2. I found an answer. I had to reinstall iTunes 12.8. When I did that I got a popup saying I had to install an update to iTunes. Did that and all was fine again.
  3. McQ

    McQ Just your average, everyday moderator. Moderator

    Allan, glad you got that figured out. I was about to suggest updating to 12.8, because you can do that without running Mojave. I'm still on High Sierra and 12.8 works fine.
  4. I am glad that is fixed. I had iTunes installed but had to reinstall. There is an additional download if you install it after you install iOS 12. That download is needed - however, if you install 12.8 before upgrading to iOS 12 you get no message. You only get the message if you upgrade to iOS 12 and then install 12.8.
  5. McQ

    McQ Just your average, everyday moderator. Moderator

    Ah, ok. Seems like they should give people the message regardless, but who knows why it happens this way?
  6. No idea. I had to search a lot harder than I should have to get a solution.
  7. McQ

    McQ Just your average, everyday moderator. Moderator

    Allan, I find that to be true of anything I need help with regarding Apple these days. The support community can be helpful, but Apple themselves - not so much. They act as if they've never heard of any issue that's brought up. And it seems to work for them. But I'm part of their wall garden now, so I deal with it and grumble from time to time. Lol!
  8. I totally agree. I went to the apple support site and looked up what to do if iTunes did not find you iOS device. There were a few pages on outdated (older) operating systems and older iTunes. The suggestions they gave did not help at all.
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