Problem with my Zeiss Ikoflex 1b

Nov 30, 2008
My father in-law (soon to be) came by today with a camera he had inherited from his uncle - a Zeiss Ikoflex 1b with a Novar-Anastigma 75mm/3.5 lens.

The camera seems like it's hardly been used, and came with the instruction manual, leather case, lense hood and original Zeiss UV and yellow filters. There were also a few flashbulbs(!) in the box, but the flash unit itself wasn't there, so I won't be using them any time soon.

I followed the manual for loading the film (actually I didn't put any film in) to fire the shutter to see that everything was working. I got the shutter firing, and advanced through the "film" until I reached frame 12.
I cocked the shutter, but it wouldn't let me fire it. The film winder has disengaged so that the counter isn't counting however much I turn it, and I can't manage to reset the counter and re-enable the counter to fire the shutter again.

The camera seems totally locked at frame 12 and I am at a loss as to what to do.

The slow shutter speeds and self timer were sticky, so I think the camera might need a CLA.

Does the jammed shutter/counter have anything to do with this, or is the problem I'm experiencing due to operator error?

Hope somebody with knowledge about Ikoflexes cam help me out :smile:.


Jun 23, 2007
It'll be the last frame so... :Curved:

Not familiar with the camera but the sticking shutter will be a different problem.

If nobody here knows you could ask on
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