Problem with new iMac

Feb 18, 2015
New York State
You will need to log in separately as each of your User Names and then make the Sharing changes. And probably from each computer as well.
May 5, 2005
SW Virginia
I have no suggestions, but just wanted to share my sympathies. These types of problems are so frustrating and time consuming.

Thanks for your commiserations, Terri. I may have brought it on myself by not cleaning out old files more thoroughly.

But there has been some progress. I was on the phone with Apple Tech Support again this afternoon. She was about to have me wipe the SSD and start over but first suggested I disconnect all five peripheral hard drives and test the issue. To my utter surprise, that seemed to fix it. I then reconnected them individually, but was unable to isolate any particular one as causing the problem. As of the moment, four of the five are connected and I still have no permissions problems.
Seriously, IMNSHO you really need to rethink that whole idea of having all those external drives connected to your computer all the time.....I can't think that it is really necessary, and it certainly does seem to be a factor in the problems you have from time to time...... Why make (computer) life more complicated when it doesn't need to be?
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