Problem with SB-800 and D70

May 1, 2005
East Lansing, MI
Well, ok, to start it off, SB-800 works fine on the D2H in all modes, TTL, metering just fine.

Slap it on my backup D70 to take some candids in A mode (TTL BL on the SB) and while the flash seems to meter correctly onboard (displays focal length/aperature) goes off, the camera does not seem to be calculating the metering correctly as if it doesn't know a flash is attached.

For example, if I'm shooting a scene without the flash, f2.8 1/15, even with the flashed attached it doesn't change the shutter speed sync to 1/60. So the result is, the flash goes off, and I'm still shooting the slower shutterspeed.

Now here's the kicker, it works fine in Auto mode, shutter speed changes to 1/60 and flash fires/camera meters just fine.

Is there a setting that I am overlooking? Is there a problem with the onboard flash being down while the SB is on? I'm not getting it!

May 31, 2005
Long Island City, NY

I haven't played around with the SB800 as much as I should, but I did notice several times the camera did not "see" the SB800 when I threw it on. I've been able to "fix" the problem by 1) shutting the camera and the flash OFF; 2) turn on the camera; 3) put the flash on the camera; 4) turn on flash. Alternatively, I made sure the flash was off before putting it on the camera (which was on).

I did the above and I have no problems. It may just be a contact issue. I haven't looked into the issue since the flash isn't used as much and doing the above works. What made me think of my problem is your comment that the camera didn't seem to know the SB800 was on the camera...

Please let us know what you find.

Jun 18, 2005
south of France

Take a look at CSM menu 21.

As has been said, depending on what this is set at, the speed can set itself down to that point.

Try this: menu is set at a 60th and the flash is mounted on the camera, with the camera on and the flash off. You have a reading showing on the camera of a 15th at whatever f number. You are in aperture priority. Now turn the flash on.

If it doesn't change to a 60th on the camera, you have a problem!!

As has been said, maybe in this case it is a poor connection.

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