Product photography tips please [receiver]

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  1. A friend of mine sells High defenition Tv receivers [ something like that ] .
    Think of a thin black stereo amp/tuner type thing . He wants me to take some pictures for him for his website . This is a sample of what he's done before .
    My first thought to elliminate reflections and create a white background was to place the item on a white desk by a white wall and fire flash from above directly at the wall to blow it out and provide an easily removable background .
    Any other thoughts or advice please ?
  2. Thanks , pro photographers cost a lot for one picture of their product .
    I'm wondering if one flash fired at the wall behind me would maybe provide the soft light that I need .
  3. Yep , I've got a white ceiling and I'll give it a try tomorrow night . I'm a bit tired today from photographing the WRC rally champs . The bounce flash sounds like a cheap[time wise] solution to reflectors .
  4. Thanks for the interest , in about 12 hours from now I should have some ready .
  5. ok , I never had a large white sheet of paper but did have a white plastic shower curtain . It was difficult blowing out the wrinkles without causing too many reflections , these are exactly as they came out of the camera , no editing done yet .
    D70S , manual mode , SB24 flash manual mode .




    It took quite a few test shots but I ended up bouncing flash off the ceiling .
  6. Thanks for the help , I suppose I could have gotten fancy and added a flash fired at the BG - maybe next time since my SU800 and SB800 should arrive soon .