Project "Starkness"

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    May 1, 2005
    Although I am a bit ecletic in my photography, ranging from landscape, to birds, to abstracts to architecture, to being a bridge photography "nut" see:
    for what I mean about being a bridge nut.

    I have been taking a specific series of photos in my "starkness" method which captures a silhouette of the bridge followed by BW conversion. I like these because they are simple, they focus on the angles, and it concentrates your eye on the bridge and it's structure. They are a bit of a departure form my normal shots, but I find myself going back to this style when I am out taking photos of these structures. Non Photogs seem to like and buy them (particularly if they are familiar with the bridge and it's location), and this influenced me to continue shooting in this method, even on other objects, what do you all think?

    I started this just for my own artistic enjoyment/experimentation, and would enjoy other critical thoughts from fellow photogs.

    Thanks for your comments and thoughts.



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