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    Jun 3, 2005
    Not sure if this is the right place to ask.. But yesterday we went to a christening and of course I took the camera... everyone wants copies of the pictures and some want them on cd.. really do not want to give away cd's to people .. because we know they will take them and have what ever prints they want made.. I am not trying to make a killing on these shots.. but would like to get something for my time and effort.. converting from raw and the pp takes time as we all know.. 140 pictures to do.. what size pictures should I do for a proof sheet.. so they can still tell what the pictures are .. I have a canon photo printer so I can do 8x10's or smaller once they decide what they want printed.. also have a local print shop that can do larger if needed..or should I just burn full size to cd with proof across the picture.. If so how would I do that using PSE 3..thanks inadvance for your help and idea's.
    one other ?. what the heck to charge for prints.. these are by no means pro looking shots.. but they are true memorys for the people that want them..
    I will do some prints for the Father and Mother of the baby for no charge because they are friends of the Family.. but only a select few..

    Thanks again
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