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  1. I have a new computer, with Vista, arriving in about 5 days. Also just got my PS3 upgrade in the mail. My question is: Do I load the upgrade on my current computer, then move what I want over to the new one when it gets here, or do I wait and move everything first, then load the upgrade to the new computer? Or does it even matter? My copy of PS/PS2 has been loaded three times. Once on my current main computer, second time on my laptop, and third time when my current computer had a larger second hard drive added. Have I reached the limit for how many platforms I can load it to? All suggestions appreciated.
  2. bruceh4


    Jan 16, 2006
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    I suggest that you visit 2 Adobe sites to answer your questions. The first is The second site is

    These should answer most of your questions about upgrading and activation. The license allows you to have a copy activated on only 2 systems at the same time. For instance I have CS3 installed and activated on both my desktop and laptop.
  3. I would wait, then install CS3 on the new PC.

    I have a new PC with Vista. Here is what I have done:

    I moved everything I wanted to the new PC. I did not install CS2, but instead loaded the Beta of CS3 to play around with.

    I just received my new copy of CS3, so I uninstalled the Beta and installed the released version (an upgrade) on my new PC. Installation asked me for the CS3 key, then my old CS2 key.

    All works fine.
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    The primary thing it would mean is you will have to unplug the activation before activating on the new one, unless you plan to use no other computers with it. I think they give you 2. However, I believe they give you 2 installs in addition to your CS2, if you leave it be. "I think", no expert though.
  5. Thanks folks. I'm going to try Doug's advise and install CS3 directly on the new computer withou CS2 on it. Hope for the best!
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