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Puerto Rico Scenics

Discussion in 'Landscapes, Architecture, and Cityscapes' started by jczinn, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. Here are a few scenery shots from Puerto Rico. Not a bird to be found! :wink:

    I've finally got my gallery done and more can be seen at my website, www.jczinn.com.


  2. Your senics are fantastic such great color and compostion, I always look forward to your posts, what a wonderful galley you must have had a great trip.
  3. Janet, your shots are fantastic. Thanks for sharing these shots!! :D 
  4. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    These are awesome Janet!! See, us birdie folks can shoot other subject matter.... 8)


  5. Janet -

    Great composition/color/exposure on all these shots! I've always been impressed with your eye (regardless of the subject matter in the viewfinder).

    What wide-angle lens are you using?
  6. cmpalmer


    Jan 27, 2005
    Huntsville, AL
    Great shots. I was in Puerto Rico for a business trip last year and I got a few good beach shots and a few shots of a beachside cemetary with my old POS Vivitar point-and-shoot digital, but I was only there for a day and half. Around two in the morning we were sitting in the casino and our sales guy there in San Juan got upset that I hadn't got to see Old San Juan, so he gave us a driving tour (at 2:30 - 3:00 AM). We actually walked out to the El Morro in the rain. Needless to say, we couldn't see much :D 

    Hopefully, I'll get to go back some day and take some real pictures and see a bit more.

    Here is a gallery of the pictures that I took: http://cmpalmer.smugmug.com/gallery/102354
  7. Janet
    Those are beautifully composed and perfectly exposed - not a blown highlight in sight. How do you get that just so spot on ? I never seem quite able to. I'm also interested in the lenses you used...and Puerto Rico looks loike a really nice place to visit. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Well Janet, like I'm going to tell you something that you don't already know - THESE IMAGES KICK BUTT. Perfectly exposed with great composition. Never having been to P.R. I am enjoying the flora, fauna and architecture through your images. Thanks.
  9. hans


    Feb 5, 2005
    The Netherlands
    WOW,great work Janet
    Everything that could be said has been said by posters before

    The last one is my favorite
  10. So did you take those with the 80-400, Janet?
  11. Hi everyone and thanks for all your wonderful comments. I apologize for leaving out the lens information, In my haste I forgot! These were ALL with the Tamron 17-35di. I did a lot of debating back and forth before my trip on which lenses to take (Ed Mac can attest to that!) and in the end I decided to take only the 80-400vr for the birds (that was a given) and the Tamron 17-35 for scenics; and the Tamron 90 macro was thrown as I had just bought it and couldn't leave it home ;-)

    My original plan was to take the 24-120vr plus the 12-24 for some extra coverage, but decided against it at the last minute...knowing that I'd be taking 90% birds it seemed silly to take 2 lenses for scenery. So decided to take the 17-35 in lieu of those two lenses. In the end I'm happy with my choice.

    And funny, when I bought the 12-24 I considered selling the 17-35 figuring I'd not need it anymore. But there are times, like this, when it is useful.
  12. Thanks Peter, really the answer is---I cheat a lot ;-) Many of these exposures would be tricky, if not impossible, to expose perfectly in camera. At least with my limited patience ;-) For instance, that shot of the cathedral was exposed properly for the sky and building but in the original the bride and people are scarcely visible. D-Lighting is AMAZING and saved the day on that photo. Another example, on the "La Bombonera Photo" below...


    in the original the area under the awning is completely dark. D-lighting to the rescue again. That brought up all the detail I wanted in the shadows without causing substantial noise...its truly amazing.

    As for blown highlights, believe me I get plenty, I just don't post those ;-) I always watch my blinkies though....and tend to go for slight underexposure on the scenics. Also I have found that the blinkies on the D100 are overly-cautious..when they are just small areas there is usually some detail to be had.

    Bottom line is not many of these are "out of the box" although I believe the two Cabo Rojo shots are close.
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