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Discussion in 'Birds' started by Dave Dickerson, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. Our toy fox terrier had a litter of four early this morning. She encountered some difficulties during labor, so the pups were delivered via an emergency Cesarean section. Mom and puppies are doing well.

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    Four puppies is a relatively large litter for this breed but make a nice warm pile while mom takes a break.
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    Toy fox terriers are quite small. The mother weighs about 6 lbs, and the puppies weigh about 4 oz. ea.
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  2. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Ohhhh my goodness
    How precious is this.
    This is way over the Cuteness meter........

    So glad Mamma is ok.

    Looks like good sized puppies to, for her

    Nice pics
    Thank You
  3. Dave,

    They're beautiful!!! Lovely head pieces on them already. :smile:

    My B litter was whelped by c-section b/c the ***** was late (and it was a frozen implant........vet was taking no risks). Two things I found that really helped mom heal up:

    1) Hold a warming light or heat lamp (white bulb, not red) over the incision while she's on her side. Put your hand on her belly, if your hand is too hot, so is her skin. The dry heat helps the incision heal.

    2) If you do holistic stuff, arnica montana (1M if you can get it, otherwise, 30C). 3x a day for 3 days.

    Best of luck to you and mum, I know those first few days are sleepless! :smile:
  4. Thanks, Gale. The poor mom could barely move the last few days of her pregnancy-her belly was almost dragging the floor. I'm as fond her as any dog we've had in the past 20 years. The last dog I got this attached to was a Great Dane-go figure.

    Thanks, Gretchen. We have a heat light set up to keep everybody warm and a thermometer next to the whelping box to monitor the temperature. Mom's doing great so far.
  5. Timeout


    May 23, 2006
    Oh my! These are beyond precious! Dave, these are absolutely darling - love those pink noses on the second shot. All are very nice pictures.

    Hope mom recovers quickly and that the pups will grow up nice and strong. :smile:
  6. Absolutely adorable. Glad to hear Mom is coming along nicely. Thanks for the perspective shot too - was wondering how small they were.......
  7. Absolutely adorable. Thank you for sharing such a special moment!
  8. tojor


    Jul 27, 2005
    Dave, what cute and great looking puppies. Congratulations. I'm glad both Mom and pups are doing fine. We need to see them as they grow. I had a litter of 5 a couple of years ago. When they get to be 7-8 weeks old they are very funny but can be quite a handful. :biggrin:
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