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Pushing posting down to the 'deadzone'?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dutchwindmill, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. In the "people" forum i got a remark that by posting to much work i would push other work to the 2nd and 3th page.

    Join Date: Nov 2007
    Location: Rotterdam Holland
    Posts: 492 Quote:
    Originally Posted by bwilder10h
    Next time you may consider a little consideration to the rest of the forum members and post all photos in one thread instead of 20 seperate, knocking everyone else's post to the second page...

    Thank you for bringing my work back on the first page
    Serious now:
    I cant see what I`m doing different from many other forum members.When i have a serie of pictures that fits,i`ll post them as a serie.When one have nothing to do with the other,I`ll post them seperate.i know..I push many other topics to the dredet 2nd or 3th page of no response.But hey! So be it!
    I never caught myself pushing my work back on top by thanking every replyer separet for his or her reply.(that is something i think is 'not done" but i see this used by many members)
    True..Once on the 2nd or 3th page your work is as good as dead.Perhaps its a idea to make the pages longer?.Or we all use a forum etique and quit chit chatting conversations on your posting.Perhaps this way we all can keep our work on the first page of fame a bit longer.
    My first thought was to kick all of my work back on top by thanking the replyers or giving a other remark.But that would be really Not done!
    Instead I`ll copy this posting to the general discusion topic.


    D1-D300 mb D10 -Tokina ATX pro 12/24mm . Sigma 2.8 28/70 mm. Sigma 2.8 150 mm .Sigma 2.8 70/200mm - Nikon SB 800.
    Sigma 140 DG.

    Question is:
    Is it time for a forum etique like sugested?
  2. Just tell him to pound sand.
  3. Lurker


    Jul 21, 2007
    I just took a look. But all those pictures did belong together and you still posted them individually. Granted, pirate and princess with frog have, when looking at the description, not a lot to do with each other, but they're all clearly from the same event.

    I can imagine other posters' unhappiness. Suppose you just posted your single best picture of the day, only to see it shoved off to page 2 or 3 within minutes, because I posted, say 20 images of New York skyscrapers in 20 individual posts. "but each one is of a different skyscraper!" is my reply when you point out that I should have put them in a single post.

    Even if you do have 20 unique and completely separated images, one should have some consideration for fellow forum members (that's the point of being here) and post them with some time in between I think. (Just my $0.02 FWIW, which is not a lot these days :frown:) 


    Apr 30, 2005
    The quest for front page exposure differs from person to person and is basically a desire for attention. Yes some do bump their threads or time their responses to stay in the spotlight, and others will go as far as to avoid the Photo Galleries all together and post their images in slower areas at the cafe. However, these people are not dominating a front page in terms of actual real estate when compared to your actions.

    Personally, it doesn't really bother me as I tend to view pages 2 and 3 on a normal basis. But I do recall a similar situation at the Wanderlust forum where one person started multiple threads in one day which ended up dominating the first page. I believe many showed their displeasure by ignoring his images. Perhaps the same is occurring with your threads.

    Bottom line…AFAIC, Whatever floats your boat
  5. I agree with Bart. In my opinion, posting that many threads at once is *flooding* and on the forum I moderate I would personally put them all into one post and delete the individual threads. I also agree that the photos all seemed to fit together and were from at least similar events, so could have been posted together.
    As far a thanking other members for responding, and answering their questions....I feel people who do that are just *using their manners* as they would if someone complimented their work in person. I have no issues with that at all.
  6. There are all sorts of reason for posting styles; it doesn't automatically mean someone is after self-gratification to the disadvantage of others. Certainly a post of "Thanks", another one with "You're welcome", followed by a third "Don't mention it." is likely courteous but still a waste of bandwidth. Similarly starting 10 separate for sale posts instead of one with 10 items is a bit thoughtless, and in this case inconsiderate of others. Still, a few seem to respond to endless numbers of posts adding pointless brief three line remarks as if only to boost their post count. But without reading the minds of the folks described here you can't know for sure.

    Certainly we should be considerate of others but at the same time we should be understanding enough to give folks a bit of wiggle room for an occasional slip in netequette. Why not just move on and learn a bit about human nature?

  7. Exactly. Play nice, be polite and civilized.
  8. ditto

    ditto x 2, just because you said 'netequette'. I love it.
  9. Spectre


    Feb 20, 2008

    Courtesy goes both ways, and is always appreciated when it is afforded to you I am sure..... all that is being asked is that it be returned.
  10. kays


    Aug 9, 2008
    I guess if you're posting 10 a day to the same board, maybe that could be a bit too prolific for some. You know what you post, and what is reasonable. Posts push previous posts. It is the way of the world.
  11. The images I've posted in this thread could have been posted individually with a new thread for each. They are, with only one exception, entirely different subjects taken on different days and/or using a different lens.

    The reason I chose to string them together in a single thread has to do with the theme of learning to use my camera. But it also was out of regard for the issue of flooding the first page and pushing other folk's posts down and out.

    So Rob, perhaps you could do something similar with a series of your own photographs. While my thread does reside off of the front page most of the time it is still getting the occassional view... and it is just waiting for me to add a new image consistent with my theme.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2017
  12. the_traveler


    Mar 22, 2007
    Manhattan, NY
    Lewis Lorton
    perhaps you consider that, in trying to get a read on what the prevailing opinion was, you 'outed' the person who complained.

    If this was done on a thread, well, it speaks for itself.
    If this was done in a 'Private Message', perhaps the name of the person who mentioned it should have been kept private.

    If I had mod privileges, I would have removed the name from your initial post.
  13. Rob,

    Are you upset at his reply in your thread, and trying to show everyone what a jerk he is?
    Are you interested in our opinion on the issue?

    Is "Pushing posting down to the 'deadzone'?" the question.
    At the time of this posting 2/3 of page 3 of the people section are threads created by you. Does this annoy me? Not me personally, but I can understand why someone might be a bit frustrated. You're probably better off just letting the fellow "rant".
  14. Most the time i do these sort of pictures indeed in a serie. I only had the misfortune a few times that my work was in no time in the "deadzone".Within a few hours on page 3.
    Sorry for being human,but dont we all feel our ego grew when we see a few responses (preff compliments) on our work?.I`m a big boy (in every way) but i noticed i`m not the first who dont like 0 responses.Some people called it a day,and surged a other place to show there creative work.Some disapered in silence.some with a roar.
    I thought it might be a idea to post some work seperate,and guess what ?.People start to see my work!.Only problem is that now i`m the one who is pushing others work in the deadzone.
    Just let say that i`m looking for a way to have my work under the atention,and looking for some apriciation.
    I dare to say that nobody stay cold when his work constantly sinks in the deadzone without any reply.
  15. genera


    Oct 6, 2005
    The person that compained also posted in public, prior to this post, in a sense, outing himself. And, to his credit, at least he was straightforward about it and didn't take the passive agressive approach another poster took of making a snide comment about each one and then it then whining in another thread.
  16. Another board I belong to only allows one image post per 24 hour period. The exception is posting to the same thread with changes to the image made because of offered critique. Of course, I am assuming those unhappy with multiple images being posted are looking for critique on their own shots and they don't get enough exposure for that to happen.

    Maybe each sub fora should have a critique area with a similar rule?
  17. kays


    Aug 9, 2008
    Of course, that is an option. I would like to see us all be able to avoid the problem in the future, without the need of a moderator, or additional rules.

    I'm a closet optimist...
  18. There are many ways to look at this and at the end of the day a forum will usually have rules about not stepping on other members toes and those should be followed. If they don't exist then there is often friction as some individual judgements, by their nature, will differe to wehat others feel is correct.

    Personally, I would not post multiple single images in that way. The definition of 'related' or otherwise can vary - so you might say I posted a cow, pig, lion, elephant, cat, mouse, apple, bee image in separate threads because they are different, or you might say I took these in kinda the same place, or kinda the same day, or with the same lens, or the same body, or whatever. The whole same/different thing kinda depends on who is posting and who is looking.The latter course would be more accommodating to fellow members IMO. personally, I would not even open a whole series of individual images posted like that because I wouldn't want to encourage it. But that is just me.
  19. We're arguing over how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. The most reliable criteria is common sense, or the golden rule. How would you like to be treated?. Posting multiple single images, aside from band width considerations pushes down other people's threads off a forum page. On the other hand posting images with high resolution slows down the loading process, and really hurts dial-up members. Further although there is no specific rule we generally use 6 images as a rough guideline for a thread. However there is a rule against quoting images. It seems to be generally ignored lately, each violator I suppose feeling that their case is special. We have taken the practice of changing the image to links to help people along and speed the loading of threads and reminding folks to refrain from this practice. Please be thoughtful enough and stop quoting images.

    I'm reminded of countless cocktail parties I have attended where you always have the one or two people who walk straight over to the shrimp table and stand there guzzling as many shrimp as they can. I think if we just keep in mind other members' consideration all will be fine.
  20. the_traveler


    Mar 22, 2007
    Manhattan, NY
    Lewis Lorton
    When I can see there are 5 or 6 posts in a row from a single OP, I just avoid opening any because I am looking for 'quality' pictures rather than quantity.
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