Question about calibrating two monitors

Jul 3, 2007
Harrisburg PA, USA
This may be a very hardware specific question, but I know there are a lot of knowledgable folks here, so here goes:

I have an NEC PA241 wide gamut monitor as well as an older Hanns-G monitor in a two monitor setup. The NEC is calibrated with Spectraview II software and the NEC specific i-one puck -- however, I can't use this to calibrate the Hanns-G monitor, and I'd like them to look the same (currently I've manually 'calibrated' the Hanns-G with the old Mark I, mod zero eyeball). I have a single MSI branded GTX 460 video card. I contacted MSI to find out if it would support two LUTs, but their response was "we don't know." Really? I kind of expected a 'no', but not that answer.

I know the NEC stores its calibration data in the monitor hardware, but if I use my old Spyder3 Elite to calibrate the Hanns-G, will I be screwing up the NEC's calibration (obviously that's my primary monitor for photo viewing and PP)? Or will the calibration of the NEC with the Spectraview take into account the settings on the video card for the Hanns-G monitor, and compensate accordingly? Or will the GTX 460 actually support two separate LUTs? I don't want to try until I have some better idea of whether, and how, it will work. Thanks for any advice or suggestions.


Apr 26, 2008
Up in the hills, Gloucestershire, UK
I think all modern cards, which support two monitors, support an LUT for each monitor. So you should be fine with the GTX 460.

The Spyder3 Elite supports multiple monitors and you can choose to calibrate just the one which you are not calibrating using Spectraview. Or you could stop using Spectraview and calibrate both using the Spyder3 Elite.

BUT you need the right level software for the Spyder3 Elite, you need Version 4. If you are still on Version 3, you have to pay for the upgrade. It doesn't cost very much and gives several improvements, including a graph showing the gamut of your monitor. It also provides a proper, calibrated, way of setting the correct brightness which version 3 lacked.

I suggest you contact Datacolor (I bought the upgrade online).
Jan 3, 2009
Austin Texas
Whoops -- sorry about that
PC with Win 7
I am using the Eye One -- and it is doing a wonderful job on my main monitor -- but I would also like to calibrate my second monitor -- just not sure where to start
So -- I am fairly familiar with the Eye One software -- but so far have just been doing it in the "Easy or Quick" mode -- not the Advanced mode
Thanks for your help
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