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Question about macro "micro"

Discussion in 'Macro, Flowers, Insects, and Greenery' started by cajun angel, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. Well, I hope this is a good place to post this - What is the difference between the kenko extension tube set and the canon 500 d diopter ring thingies? I'm wanting to do better with flowers and I'm not ready to buy another lens just yet. Any help will be appreciated!
  2. ffb2t


    Jan 16, 2006
    I am no expert on these things so hopefully someone else will chime in with more complete information - but here goes.

    Extension tubes move the lens further from the camera (it sits between the camer and the body). The Canon 500d is like a magnifying glass on the front of your lens. The intended result of both is similar. The former is probably "better" as you are not adding another pane of glass in front of your lens, while the latter is probably more convenient as it just screws on like a filter.
  3. Thanks! It was after I posted this that I found some threads where the kenkos were used with the 50mm f1.8 lens. I have the lens and if I can achieve what the other people did, then I may very well go with the kenkos. I'm just not sure I'm wanting to spend more $$ on more lenses! I've bought 2 this year already.
  4. Roosje


    May 25, 2005
    The Netherlands
  5. WOW! Talk about awsome! WOW! This is gonna be tough deciding between the kenko tubes and the canon 500D. I have both the lenses ya'll used these things with, so I guess it's gonna be a toss up or comparing prices. I'm totally impressed! Thanks!!!!
  6. Logan

    Logan Guest

    for the cost of a full set of AF kenkos, Dianne, you could always just splurge for a 60 micro (just trying to give you incentive to buy! Lol) sorry i dont have more time or else i would comment on the choices you aregoing between, i have seen wonderful from both and idont think you could really go "wrong" myself, given this decision, i would get the tubes. I do not have them but the research i have done, when the money avails i will get the tubes. they can also be used in other lenses to get just a little better close focusing distance, but they wont focus to infinity, remember. i really dont know too much about either.
  7. Dianne, can you shoot fully manual? I have a no-name set of extension tubes with no contacts therefore you'd have to shoot fully manual mode. Can let them go really cheap... I didn't realize they were for manual only, and I can't do manual focusing. I had to get the Kenko set for AF, but love shooting with tubes!
  8. Hiya! No, I haven't tried manual yet and with my eyesight, dunno if I can! I'm so excited over the responses I'm getting - I'm wondering about getting both the kenkos and the canon 500d. Gotta compare prices too! Wow, thanks for the offer! :biggrin:
  9. mrtac2man


    Jun 3, 2005
    I have not used tubes or the canon.. but being kind of a macro nut.. and love shooting flowers.. I would have to go for the true macro lens.. you can not go wrong with any of the true fixed length macros that are out there.. if you spend your money on tubes and the 500 you can almost have a true macro lens..I know this is no help.. but get the lens.. your the Ceo right???
  10. Check out Scott Schexnaydre's macro posts using 300F4 and tubes!!

    Hi Dianne,

    I going to add my three cents too!! :biggrin: I highly recommend the 60mm micro lens when you are ready for your first macro lens. But, in the meantime, Scott Schexnaydre (aka SSchex) uses his 300 mm F4 (sometimes in combination with extension tubes) to capture incredible images of insects, especially butterflies. Scott also has a pBase site (I check it out on a regular basis):


    Here are a couple of threads posted by Scott:


    His work is really amazing, and he's a birder too!! Enjoy!!

    Oops, I am so silly, :redface: :tongue: :redface: I have loads of examples from four of the micro Nikkor lenses (60, 70-180, 105, and 200) on my pBase site. Feel free to browse around. I haven't add anything new this year...but everything is budding and I am getting ready!!

    I've only used my 500D in combination with the 70-200VR. Here is the link to the day we discovered the yellow jacket next inside a throw rug on my deck: http://www.pbase.com/cympearson/yellowjackets
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  11. Thanks, Crystall! I'm gonna be borrowing some extension tubes to play with and see how I like them. I've also heard about a 105mm lens that may be up for sale.
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  12. As for the 60MM micro, I would not recommend it, it is fine for flowers, and is a good lens. If you are shooting bugs and such you will scare them. I regret buying my 60 and wish I had at least got the 105 or something longer. as a result, I use my 70/200 with tubes, and sometimes do some trap shooting with the setup.
  13. Thanks for the info! At this point, bugs aren't in my plans.
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  15. I have a Nikon 60 and Sigma 105. I just bought a set of Kenko tubes from our site. They work super well with the 50 1.8.
    Now if you were going to Huntsville I could let you borrow one.....
  16. Geee, thanks for the offer! I'm very upset that we can't go this year. THe kids are in school and Mark may have to work overtime. I'm actually getting to borrow a set of the tubes from another cafe member. I'm excited about getting to try them out! I hope you have a very safe and perfectly wonderful trip! Eat a smore for me!
  17. Dianne,
    Can't speak about tubes but the D500 limits the distance you can shot at, it can only focus to a limited distance after that it is blurry where a macro lens can be used an distance.
    I got the canon 500D for my 18-200VR for vacation use and it worked well but if I wanted to take shots from over 12" of so they was blurry. With my 60mm I can work with the lens at any distance, not a big deal when you don't want to shoot macro just take the 500 off.
  18. Thanks for the info! At this point, I'm having fun exploring all my options! I thought about the 500D for vacation too, as the VR lens is the only lens I'll be taking with me on motorcycle trips. I'll be exploring more!
  19. I own the 18-200 VR and Canon 500d

    I also own the 105 f/2.8 Micro VR

    The 18-200/500d combo does a good job and is a great set for travel and vacations. The wide range and micro ability is very versitile. Close up shots can be made without a tripod.

    The 105 Micro VR is outstanding and noticeably better than the 500d, but at less than 3 ft you still need a tripod.

    I've never used extension tubes.


  20. Thanks Greg! I have a feeling my wishlist will start to grow again!
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