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Question about Mail

Discussion in 'Apple/Mac' started by Czechman01, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. Okay, so I have my mail Synced between my computer and iPod Touch. My question is this: Will my mail download to both devices even if I read it on one regardless of how long I'm away from one?

    In other words, if I go on vacation for a week and read my mail on my iPod will all that mail still be on my home computer when I get home?
  2. yes.....
    your mail will also be available on your computer
    looking at it on your iPod will not affect your computer at all
  3. Yep! I will be out somewhere and will check my email on my iPhone and read a message....and then when I'm back home again on my computer there it is again, ready for reading and response. The system is designed that way so that your mail will appear on the iPhone/iPod Touch and then also on your computer at home. Only thing I don't like is that the iPhone also gets all the spam stuff and doesn't sort it out the way Mail on my computer at home does.
  4. If you get a Yahoo e-mail address it does sort the spam and every extra folder you make will show up on the iPhone as well.

    Oh yeah, you get push e-mail also...... free! :biggrin:
  5. I should have clarified..... I do not sync any of my email accounts among my Macs or with the iPhone. I have only the two most important email accounts on my iPhone and they receive mail on the iPhone and also the same email comes into the accounts on my Macs. Although I have a Yahoo account I don't use that for email and although I also have several GMail accounts I don't use them for personal email, but rather for Yahoogroups emails and such.

    Because I use several computers I decided not to sync my email accounts and instead have it set up that each one has mail left on server....and also downloads to whatever machine I have running at a given time and also the next machine and the one after that. This works for me. Some people prefer to sync their email. Whatever works!
  6. Woody, it depends on what sort of email server you are using and how you have that set up.

    Generally there are two ways to get mail from a server, IMAP and POP.

    IMAP usually leaves the mail on the server unless you indicate that you want to delete it. POP typically pulls the message from the server and it is no longer stored there.

    The way I use my main mail account, for example, is on my home main machine, I have it set up as POP. That is my base email database, but it is only updated if that machine is turned on and Mail.app is running.

    When I am not home, that is not happening.

    On my other Macs in other locations or mobile, I use IMAP. This shows me the mail on the server, but I cannot see the mail that has been read by that home machine. However, this works fine for any new mail because the home machine isn't removing messages from the server.

    If you are using a .mac/.mobileme account, it is probably more complex than all that. Or should I say I don't know for sure.
  7. gadgetguy11


    Nov 16, 2005

    I sync my email from 2 accounts of mine, and 2 accounts of my wife's email with iPod Touch. The .me (formerly .mac) works the best for syncing. If you open the email on the iPod Touch, read it, and delete it, it does NOT appear on your computer when you return.

    The other account I have works the opposite. What you do in the field has nothing to do with the email on the server. Return and fire up your computer, and all email awaits you.

    I like the .me account. It works pretty well as a push account. The iPod Touch beeps twice the instant someone sends email; 2 minutes later, on average, the email finds its way to my Mac Pro. You might want to check out .me.

    I use Entourage as my main software. Mail syncs with iPod Touch through iTunes. I set Entourage up to forward email to Mail. This technique delivers all email to the iPod Touch. It works well. If I may help you further, feel free to PM me.
  8. I use the Apple Mail program, get my mail through my own domain names via Earthlink and those are POP accounts. I would imagine that I could just change the amount of time elapses before the mail is removed from the server in the Preferences/Accounts/Advanced settings if I'm away and want those messages there when I return.
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