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Question about SB800

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bob the Spiderman, Apr 20, 2005.

  1. As some of you will know, last year I started a project on insects in flight using high ISO's and natural light with a D70 and either a Tamron 90mm Macro Di or a 70-300mmED. I have now bought a D2H plus a SB800, and want to use the SB800 off camera on a Manfotto flash bracket with a SC28; as a possible fill in flash and/or to reduce the ISO and speed factor needed to stop the insect in flight. Well, having never ever used a speedlight before, the SB800 manual may as well be written in Double Dutch for all the sense it makes to me.
    So what settings, camera and flash, do I need for the following:-

    1. Lovely day, bees etc buzzing about. Using either 90mm or 70-300mm at 300mm at a Rep. Ratio 1:3, need SB800 to supplement light in Syncro-sun mode and stop insect in flight.
    2. Same type of thing but as a normal close-up BUT INSECT STATIONERY. ie. Straightforward portrait.
    3. Dragonfly going like the clappers at 30-50mph back and forth. Flash possibly needed again as supplementary lighting. Problem with this is the distance from camera to subject. Could be 40ft+ so the use of the SB800 may be immaterial and I will only be able to do this with high ISO's and fast shutter speeds.

    For 1.and 2. I think I need MATRIX metering on camera and iTTL Balanced Fill-Flash but to be honest I am very confused. Mainly because I equate HIGH SHUTTER SPEEDS with stopping the action.

    For examples of my work see my last post in Macro under 'More of Bobs--
    on or around the 8th April plus the following 2 pictures.



    If you have any questions that you want answered to help clarify my work/request, then you can, if you wish, email me direct. Might save clogging up this forum.

    Many thanks. Bob F.
  2. Could this be it?

    Camera at Matrix Metering.

    IN CSM. (Pencil shape) Flash-Flash Sync Speed- 1/250th Auto.

    On Flash. TTL FP.

    BW. Bob F.
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