Question and comments on Opteka 500mm f/8 mirror lens

Aug 21, 2007
Syracuse, NY
April 2, 2013

Hello Everyone:

Does anyone out there have any knowledge of or have used Opteka's 500mm F/8 mirror lens, I would like to know if the image quality is decent or crummy. Does anyone know if they can be used on Nikon's F5, N65, and N80, or are they just for small sensor cameras.

I also would like to use one on my D3100. I don't mind getting one of these lenses, since they sell for around $140.00 or so. If I can get somthing with a longer reach that produces good results on sunny days I'll be happy.

Thanks for your help.

Steve Zalewski
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Syracuse, NY
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Feb 13, 2012
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I had the Rokinon 500mm f/6.3 last year, and only shot it on my D5100. The lenses are very similar though. The lens is a T-mount, which means you have to shoot in manual, and adjust the shutter speed (aperture is fixed). The lens has a very shallow DOF, and I found that I got the best results when mounted on a tripod and tethered to a laptop.

The lens does not have a lot of contrast, and it isn't especially sharp, but yes, you can get some good photos out of it on sunny days. You'll probably need to shoot in RAW and use LR or PS to up the contrast a little bit.
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