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Question for owners of 17-35 AFS

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by GeneC, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. I purchased a 17-35 2.8AFS on FM B&S. The seller advertised the lens as excellent to mint condition. I got the lens today, the zoom control feels loose to me, it takes next to no effort to turn it. Is this the way they are or is this lens worn? His mint condition lens also had fingerprints on the rear element and a ding on the body. Anybody on the zoom ring and how easy it turns?

  2. My zoom is also much looser feeling compared to say, my 17-55.

  3. Hi Rodney,

    Was your zoom control ever tight? This one feels like the lubrication is gone, it just has a dry feeling when you move it. You can move it one finger quite easily. does that sound right?

  4. moffo


    Oct 20, 2005
    Central TX
    Mine's not *that* loose, but it never felt as damped as my 17-55 did.
  5. Fwiw

    I just took my zoom rings for a "spin" and would rank the turn resistance, from highest to lowest, as follows:

    1. 200-400
    2. 28-70
    3. 70-200
    4. 17-35

    Although the 17-35 requires the least amount of effort, I would hardly call it "loose", if we can agree that "loose" means subject to inadvertent movement. Assuming that the ring turns smoothly and with uniform effort, I would be more concerned about a dinged body being described as "mint".
  6. Got it used, and it has always been this way.
  7. I wouldn't classify mine as loose either...although this could be very subjective.

  8. Mine can be moved easily with an extended index finger. I agree it's subjective but put another way it's the loosest zoom ring I have ever felt in many years of using these things. How about 35+! I also found the focusing window to be cracked, hardly mint. Thanks for all the replies, this is really helping.

  9. Hi Gene,

    I have owned 2 of these lenses over the years. Both bought brand new. They were loose to start with. And the first one become even looser once used for a while. The second one is only weeks old so hard to comment. My understanding is that this is a known issue of this particular lens. In fact I also noted that my 14-24 was also a bit losser than my other lenses!!! May be it can be serviced? Worth checking with Nikon service centre.
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