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  1. I am going over a picture checklist before my final meeting with my very first wedding clients!!! :biggrin: The wedding is at the end of August, and there's lots of prep for me to do yet, including practice shots! Anyways, about the checklist, what are some shots that you don't want to miss, creative or otherwise? I have the standard ones down, so I'm looking for other ideas. Anything you like to do? No, I'm not going to copy exact ideas. :smile: I'm just looking to get the creative juices flowing here. I tend to get better shots when I have them pre-visualized. Thanks!!!
  2. Thanks to our Jarrell Conley recommending this book:

    I was able to come up with these with a different twist...

    It was my first wedding, shot with a CP5700 and that book was a life-saver! Highly recommended.
  3. Thanks, Sandi. I think I checked that book out of the library months ago... time to go have another look! :smile:
  4. Taylor


    May 21, 2007
    Toronto, ON
  5. Taylor, thanks for the links... I will check them out in-depth when I get the time. Greg, it seems that the above the shot in a circle formation is becomeing popular! :biggrin: Did you get that idea from Sandi? Just kidding... I love the second shot! That's definitely dependent on location. Where was it taken?
  6. thanks, West View Park, Pittsburgh Pa.
    One more from there

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