Question on baby birds???

Discussion in 'Birds' started by phecksel, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. Couple of morning doves had gotten knocked out of their nest by a tree trimming crew. Wife set up a cover to protect them from the hot sun, and put a dish a water nearby. Mom (or dad) fed them a couple of times, but they clearly weren't ready to fly. One was close, the other not so. I washed my hands, put on some latex gloves and put them back in their nest. Couple of days later, checked and they were both gone. Did I do the right thing?
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    i always thought the rule was to simply leave them alone. their parents will generally find them and take care of them. if they don't, then it's simply nature. handling them should really be only done (i think) if they're in grave danger. the old tale of human hands causing mother birds to avoid their young is false.
  3. you did what you thought was right and the best you could offer.I happen to thinkI would have done the same
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    I would have done the same
    Grave danger they were in...yes....
  5. You did fine, They may still be out and about. Many birds leave nest early and survive. Many are also taken by cats and other animals. That is nature not cruel.
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