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  1. I'm wondering (actually STILL wondering, not seriously thinking) of getting a MF camera for wedding shots. Anyone of you has some idea on what kind of camera (Pentax 645 i guess it's the only one I think of, not to go on Hasselblads which I don't know) and lenses could be necessary? How much would you pay for this kind of kit there? Digital aside, I'm appreciating the better cut of the frame and the possibility to swap rolls when necessary, plus a much better quality than classic reflex.
    All the best
  2. GoGo


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  3. Hi Giorgio
    Thanks for the link, but I'm not looking for something SO large and professional, just an even used MF camera to swap with my smaller film reflex to practise another portrait cut in weddings. About tripod,it is of course required in studio work, but, as said, I'd like to use it mainly handheld, at the beginning. Is the Pentax or the Hasselblad or whatever else SO heavy? Or it depends on the longer focal lenght lenses used compared to the classic SLR?
    Thanks again
  4. I still use my old Mamiya C33 on occassion. The C-series used to be the tool of choice of many wedding photographers. Used it to shoot the formal groupings at a wedding recently. Those big negatives still produce some fine images, especially in shots with a lot of dynamic range.
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    Most wedding photogs I've seen use Bronica or Mamiya. The Pentax 645 does not have the ability to change film backs in mid-roll, it's more of a film insert than a back. (I have a Pentax 645 and like it very much.) Prices are quite low on used gear, especially the MF stuff, my P645 is almost worthless. (Pre-AF) You can find some very good deals, but anything used for wedding work from a pro is likely to be well used. You might also research parts availability as many of the MF bodies are now long discontinued. As for lenses, it varies, the best ones still cost more.
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