R/C Trucks

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  1. just in the past week of reading just about this whole forum i feel much improved. im sitting on the ground, i have my iso adjusted to get a good SS and im very pleased compared to last week. now my issue is having so many images to crop and PP properly. what im doing is in cs3 i set up an action to " Actual Pixels,resize 900x600,and save" then run a batch on the whole folder. thats it. is this the correct way of doing it?

    heres a few and the rest are in my gallery.



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    I like the last one the best, I imagine you have a heck of time tracking these little suckers. I would try to stay more parallel with them and pan with a slower shutter to blur the background and show some motion in the wheels (spokes)...

    I would crop the 3rd one a bit tighter tho, (not that I know anything about these cars... :biggrin:) to get rd of the background