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Racing Greyhound Photos: Part 5

Discussion in 'Sports Photography' started by greyhound rick, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. This shot was taken Monday 09/22/2008 in turn one, late afternoon with very little light. Sorry about the heavy noise! Thanks for looking :smile:

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  2. McQ

    McQ Just your average, everyday moderator. Moderator

    Hey Rick, nice shot. Just for fun (hope you don't mind) I thought I'd run it through Noiseware Community Edition (Freeware noise reduction software).

    I love this program! It's free and removes noise very well without totally killing the overall photo quality.

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  3. Glenn.....that is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! If you show me step by step how to do that I will send you some free Arby's cards!! I'll PM you. Man, that is SWEEEET!!! thank you!!!
  4. From Monday evening 09/22/2008

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  5. Evening races Tuesday 09/23/2008

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  6. McQ

    McQ Just your average, everyday moderator. Moderator

    More great photos, Rick. Nice! I love the one of dog #8. He looks maniacal!

    And you're welcome. It was all the software, not me. I love that little program. Free and useful.
  7. vz223


    Dec 7, 2007
    Love these Rick. +1 for the "noiseware" software. I have the free edition but just recently bought the Standard so I can batch run a file.
    Here is the link; look for "community" edition halfway down.

  8. Heres a photo I took on Thursday evening, 09/25/2008

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    Thanks, as always, for viewing and I really appreciate the input on the noise reduction software. What a great program!!!

    Im so far behind with my PP, but as soon as I get caught up Im going to give the program a try!

    take care and thanks again for the great help!!:smile:

  9. Fantastic captures Rick, and the noise reduction looks like it really works well – wonderful series of images
  10. looking good Rick, wonder how some of them might look in b&w...
  11. Nice shots Rick.

    Careful of too much NR. Use judiciously, it is not too hard to obtain that Canon look(oops!).

    The image with the#4 dog appears to have more subject sharpness. It shows a bit more subject isolation from back and foreground blur.

  12. thanks to everyone for all of your comments, expertise, insight and time. I cant tell you how fortunate I am to be part of The Cafe. What a great place to be!!!

    Well....I found out a couple of things I wanted to share with you.....

    1. My 85mm lens is spot on according to Tempe Camera. They gave it a thorough one day test and the head technician told me it is focusing properly.

    2. I took my 85mm to the track tonight and changed the f/stop to 2.5. In order to do this I had to drop my shutter speed down to 1/1000 and raise my ISO to 1250 from 1000. I was a slight bit underexposed but found out after one race that my in focus % went up about double. IMHO, this is a DOF issue and trying to shoot the greyhounds under the following conditions is really hard to do (at least for me anyways!!):

    a. Low inconsistant lighting
    b. Short distance between the greyhounds and the camera
    c. Fast and erratic moving subjects
    d. Low contrast (at times) for challenging focus

    At f/2.5 it was so much easier to get shots in focus I couldnt believe it! I didnt even use my monopod and was able to get numerous races where 4+ frames in a row would all be in focus. At f/1.6 this was almost impossible for me.

    Im going to rent a D3 in the next week or so and if the tracking and ISO are what I think they are going to be vs. the D300 Im probably going to purchase one. Then for a while we will be eating wienies and beans!!!:eek: 

    (I knew driving my 1997 Nissan Pathfinder that is paid for and still runs great would come in handy someday!!!)

    Take care and please continue with your comments. I feel very lucky to be part of this forum.

    my best,

  13. You really have the knack of panning Rick. These dogs can really shift and to get them that sharp is some achievment.
  14. Rick, excellent adaptation and great work. There isn't much more difficult than panning erratic, fast-moving, very close subjects. You and the camera are doing very well.

    Be careful though, once you shoot with the D3 it's going to be hard to not buy one. One thing I love about the D3, which makes my panning more successful at the race track than with the D300, is the perceived shutter lag differences. I do not know what the variance is between the two bodies, but--at least to me--it is there. With the D3, it reacts as quickly as I do. Also, the frame rate in Ch is noticeable, especially in a sport where quite a lot happens in 1/100th of a second and a three-frame burst can show great differences in action.
  15. shtarka1


    Feb 1, 2008
    N I C E !!
  16. Hi Rick

    Just a friendly opinion. As I had mentioned before, unless you took those focus test chart shots *incorrectly, as well as the focus shots of the napkin that you showed me, I would very strongly monitor for front focus.

    I am a firm believer that analyzing focus should be done in the field that you normally shoot. However, I have never had a focus test chart show a problem that did not actually exist. One exception might be a telephoto zoom, where close focus testing may be questionable. But not with an 85mm Prime. And, your test chart showed strong front focus, not a mild one.

    I know that understanding DOF and accurate zone of focus is not an easy subject. But now that you might be shooting at F2.5 with you 85 1.4, any signs of focus issues may not be as apparent by closing down your aperture.

    Don't mean to drag on the subject. Just trying to be helpful.

    One other note. Manufacturers such as Nikon and Sigma have tolerances that qualify their lenses as being OK. Because a lens may have met a companies tolerances for release for sale, does NOT mean that the lens could still not have an inherent problem. These days, it seems like more testing is left to the consumer. So you theoretically could have a lens that has a front or back focus issue, send the lens to Nikon or anyone else for that matter, it will come back as being tested OK. It has happened to me more often than not.

    If you ever really want to use the 85 1.4 wide or nearly wide open, this is where you would wanta very accurate focusing lens. Otherwise, it may not be as important. But still, even stopping down, the lens will not be as accurate except for subjects closer the center of focus.

    Anyway, good luck to you. I am going to try some evening horse racing shooting in the near furure. So I will have some similar lighting conditions...but not the erratic type of runner.

  17. D300 - 45ms
    D700 - 40ms
    D3 - 41ms

    From Thom Hogan's D700 review. Interesting that the D700 is 'faster' than the D3. 1ms, LOL.
  18. thank you Mike, Craig, Steve, Chris and Mike!!! Your comments are always helpful and appreciated.

    Here are a few shots I took last weekend. These were taken at f/1.6 so the DOF issue was definitely there, but for the most part the focus was ok....

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    I think the back of the greyhound in this one is in decent focus but the front not so good....

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    Another taken at f/1.6

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    thanks again!!!:smile:
  19. Mike (Carauction),

    I appreciate your help with the focusing and dont feel like you are ever belaboring the issue. I enjoy your input very much!!

    Heres what Ive discovered with my 85mm lens:

    1. When I tested it with the chart it showed severe front focusing in my test.

    2. When I take it to the track and shoot greyhounds directly from the side it focuses better set at AF Fine Tune "0" than it does at any "+" setting. Much better.

    3. When I go out in the backyard and shoot the lawn, wall etc. the focus area seems to be evenly distributed in front and back of focus point.

    4. When I shoot greyhounds from an angle in the turns it seems to focus properly.

    5. When I shoot the greyhounds coming straight at me the lens seems to back focus.

    6. In shooting the greyhounds from the side Ive noticed that the puff of dirt they leave behind them is OOF.

    Based on the aforementioned I cant honestly say that the lens has a problem. The most telling item is #2 in that when I make any "+" adjustment the lens performs worse than if I just leave it at "0". That, plus the fact that Tempe Camera told me it was focusing properly after a day of testing leads me to believe that its ok.

    The other thing I would like to add here is that I also get the same results with the greyhounds with my 70-200 and my 50mm f/1.8 lenses. So, I think it might be safe to assume that the shooting conditions are going to cause different reactions by the lenses. I would think that if the 85mm was off that it would not perform as well as the other two lenses in the same circumstances.

    Im not saying that its positively correct that the lens is fine, but I would say that there is a good chance that it is.

    I still think that the OOF "puff of dirt" could be caused by the fact that I am panning with the greyhound and the dirt is going in the opposite direction of the dog. What do you think? Ive noticed this in my shots with all of my lenses when I take the shot from the side. Ive also noticed it with my friend's camera and lens (Canon 40D and 300mm f/2.8).

    Your comments and thoughts are always appreciated and welcomed as are everyones here in The Cafe.

    thanks for your time,

  20. Hi Rick

    I do not think that you can detect focus issues with your type of shooting. When panning down the stretch with your Shutter speeds, there is too much motion blur already integrated into the shot. This along with not great lighting, and perhaps noise, is not going to give you a decently sharp subject to see where in the DOF it is sitting.

    As I have noticed also in my horse shooting, focus is easier for the AF system around the turn vs. anywhere else. And even then, you would really have to *read* the subject's relation in the DOF and see what is happening as per focus accuracy.

    As I mentioned, if you feel that the focus test shots you took were done correctly, then the probability that you are FF at longer distances is most likely yes.

    I am talking to you from much experience with lenses. If I did not see your original focus test shots, then I would not think as I am. If it were a zoom lens, I may have a different feeling. But not the 85. I think that your already nice images if your lens was FF, would show much better. The only way to really detect issues, is to shoot some targets at further distances than your focus test shots that you already did. But....upload them so we can all take a look at them. Shoot at F1.4 or F1.6 on a tripod. But, let us see them.

    Also, I don't think Tempe has told you anything that they don't feel is correct. But as I mentioned before, Nikon also will tell you that a lens is OK also, when in actuality it is OK for THEM.


    "3. When I go out in the backyard and shoot the lawn, wall etc. the focus area seems to be evenly distributed in front and back of focus point."

    To test focus, you really need to set things up more accurately as I mentioned above.

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