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Rain jacket for camera/lens?

Discussion in 'Other Cool Gear, Camera Bags, Camera Straps' started by BostonRott, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. I'm going to be shooting a 3 day outdoor Rottweiler (and Corvette!) show down in PA in a few weeks. I know that people have previously said that they don't worry about having their D200 out in the rain, but keeping the D200 & D70 and 28-70 / 80-200 out in 3 days of rain doesn't sit too well with me.

    Is there anyone who makes some type of rain jacket/covering for cameras with lenses?

    The show will go on, no matter how hard it's pouring, as long as there are not truly dangerous conditions (severe lightening, gale force winds)......I'm trying to figure out how to best be prepared.

    Thanks!! :smile:
  2. Toby D

    Toby D

    Mar 7, 2006
    You mean Rott's and Vette's together? No one will be getting too close to the cars:wink: .

    I'm looking at this as a down & dirty solution as opposed to spending lots.
  3. Yes, at the Kimberton Fairgrounds on April 19-22. There is both the USRC Nationals, and a Vette and 'Rod show going on. :smile:

    Thank you, I'll check that out.
  4. SteveK


    Mar 16, 2005
    Though it can be awkward sometimes, an umbrella can work wonders.....
  5. RForshey

    RForshey Guest

    Moose Peterson recommended this one to me before I went up to Alaska last September..


    I used it profusely in Alaska, as well as rainy days in the Bay Area, snow in the Sierra, and salt spray in Santa Cruz.. This thing rocks!
  6. If it's windy, I don't want to have an umbrella that may spook young or nervy dogs.
  7. Wow, sounds like you've put it to the test, thank you! :smile:
  8. Baywing


    Feb 22, 2005
    CT USA
    Kata makes a system that looks nice, not too expensive. Then there is my solution for occasional use, Hefty Kitchen bags, the white waste basket size. For a whale watch in a small boat last year, I used a pair of clear baggies, one for the body and one for the lens. Used the hood to "cut" the lens opening, a little vinyl electrical tape held it in place. Did the trick just fine, a few others on the trip got their gear soaked, and I do mean soaked, in salt water, but mine stayed dry, just had to point the lens down when I saw stuff coming. Didn't have to change the CF card or battery, made it work just fine.
  9. Hmmm.....that's an even cheaper solution than the Optech Rain sleeves. I'm always a little leery of plastic ziplocks b/c I've had too many of them leak. :frown:

    I think for this one adventure, I'll order the rain sleeves that Toby found, and if I find myself outside in lots of downpours in the future (i.e. kids sports games), I'll look into the system that Rob/Moose recommend.

    Thank you all for your help! :smile:
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  11. I have used a fair number of methods, including the "grab some plastic bags and duct tape" method. The "most fun" one I ever heard, can't find the picture right now, but have not had the guts to try is a pair of rain pants. Stick your lens down one leg, your mono- or tripod through the other, and your head in the, well, you know :wink:

    What I have now is the Kata system, which is very nice, the only downside is that it can be a bit of a pain to put on. I also have a Tenba which is long enough to cover a 600mm lens, as is the Kata, works pretty well.

    A couple of months ago I was in my local store and saw the Optech Rain Sleeves, and frankly, as I said in another thread, $6.50 for this type of "insurance" is a no-brainer to me. And that is for 2 of them. They easily slip over my entire rig, including the 400mm f2.8 with a TC attached. You can just make a hole in the bottom for a tripod/monopod and there is a hole to push your eyepiece through, but I have not seen a need for that yet. You may need to replace it after a year or two, but for the price who cares.

    I think you will be quite pleased with this solution. There are 2 other things I really like about these. First is that there is a drawstring arrangement that tightens the cover at the lens hood end, second is that the "camera end" is built at an angle so your hand is completely out of the water when you are using the camera controls, very nice touch and great coverage. Next time I am at the store I'm going to buy an extra pair, just to keep in the car.
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