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Discussion in 'Landscapes, Architecture, and Cityscapes' started by NZDoug, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. Rangitoto Volcano with the Rangitoto Channel in the foreground.
    Rangitoto is an Auckland landmark and looks the same from every angle at sea level.
    Click for big.
    12-24dx@ 24mm on Kodak14N.
    Mirror lock up asa 6 - 2 stop HiTec gradated neutral filter. 30 sec. f8.
    Can you dig it?
  2. Very nice and moody, love the lines in the water too.
  3. MJAM


    Feb 20, 2006
    Juneau, Alaska
    A very pretty abstract of lines, shades and color. More Kiwi landscapes, please. Mike
  4. oh my goodness, this makes a beautiful wallpaper in Vista.
  5. O.K. Mike,
    Im shootin', Im shootin!
    Well get there.:redface:
    THX! pmattg, whats Vista???:confused: 
  6. Nice capture Doug, now where is that from, St Heliers???
  7. THX! Geoff,
    Ya cant tell because Rangi looks the same from every angle,:eek:  BUT, it was shot at the start of the rocks at the bottom of Takapuna Beach north of Cheltenham Beach.:Whistle:
  8. krispee


    Apr 10, 2007
    lovely photo Doug, i was in NZ last year and saw some lovely things, including the Marakopa Falls in the north and Mount Taranaki, which was lovely......
    anyway, beautiful photo...

  9. Hey Doug, from The eastern/southern side you can see the other island too..
    Hope you like the city, drove me made enough to escape down here !!
  10. Hi Krispee,
    Your lucky to have seen Taranaki as Ive driven past it and camped on the Tasman in visual distance, and only got to see it twice out of about 30 times, its always foggy of overcast or bucketing.....:Angry:
    Geoff, Im at home here now.
    The traffics no big deal because I`m self-unemployed so I refuse to deal with it.
    The traffic was worse 20 years ago in my hometown of T.O.in Canada, than it is in GodZone now, so l"Dont worry, be happy!":smile:


    Apr 30, 2005
    Very Very Very COOL ! Wish I were there.


  12. THX! Robert. I think you would love it here, it a photographers paradise in a different way than NYC. Sorta like Manhatten 500 years ago......:rolleyes: 
  13. Beautiful, all that it needs now is a moderate eruption :biggrin:

  14. krispee


    Apr 10, 2007
    really? we were so lucky then, i`ll post a couple let you know how they went, we had almost pefect skies, just as well i guess as we were never going to get another chance to see it while i was there.....

  15. Very nice, Doug. Looks so calm and serene.
  16. Sharon


    Feb 18, 2006
    That is beautiful. I love the sky!
  17. THX! Harry S.,Dave and Sharon.
    Hey Harry, we still have a couple of LiVe volcanos here on the North Island of NZ. namely, Mt. Ruapehu, which blew its top 6 months ago and White Island, off Tauranga, which errupts often and is always hot.:D evil:
    Sharon, I dodged the sky with a 100mm (4in.) HiTec x8ND filter during camera exposure, top and bottom, along with the 2 stop gradated, to give the sky more grunt.:wink:
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